The rising global demand for online gaming and streaming is driving the setup of more Points of Presence in the region

APAC is now the fastest-developing region for data center colocation in the world, and a major provider of cloud- and carrier-neutral data center, colocation and interconnection solutions is partnering the world’s largest IPv4 and IPv6-native internet backbone to offer a high-speed IP transit network that will reduce latency, improve traffic flow and data management efficiency.

The challenges of moving data at scale include impediments to enterprise workflow performance, heightened security and regulatory concerns, and increasing costs. Called Data Gravity, this challenge is expected to more-than-double annually through to 2024, according to Digital Realty, which is deploying more Points of Presence at its data centers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney: countries experiencing the most dramatic increases.

Said the firm’s Head of Service Provider and Market Strategy (Asia Pacific), Govind Choudhary: “With businesses everywhere facing an explosion in the volume and complexity of the data they are managing… expansion to our facilities in Singapore, Hong Kong and Sydney will help our customers access a variety of new connectivity options to overcome data gravity barriers and scale their digital businesses.”

Through its partnership with Hurricane Electric, the firm’s customers can connect directly to an extensive IPv4 and IPv6 network through 100 Gigabit Ethernet), 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 1 Gigabit Ethernet) ports to gain access to a rich connected data community with over 4,000 customers in 53 metros across 27 countries on six continents — without the need to upgrade their last mile network connection.

Additionally, customers will be able to exchange IP traffic with Hurricane Electric’s vast global network, which offers over 30,000 BGP sessions with more than 10,000 different networks via more than 280 major exchange points and thousands of customer and private peering ports.

According to Walt Wollny, Director of Interconnection Strategy, Hurricane Electric, the partnership will help to address data gravity in APAC.