The 24-page branding exercise is meant to show young readers what technology adoption at a digital travel platform entails.

In commemoration of World Children’s Day 2023, a digital travel platform has created a free children’s e-book using generative AI, to promote its own brand and technology adoption.

The original text contents — available in English; English combined with Thai; Japanese; Simplified Chinese; Traditional Chinese; Bahasa (Indonesia); Bahasa (Malaysia); Korean; and Vietnamese — and the initial visual designs for the 24-page book, were created completely by ChatGPT (version 3.5) and Midjourney (v5), under the supervision of the platform’s marketing, tech, and translation teams.

Centered around a young girl named Maya, the story follows her adventures during her trip in Bangkok with her mother to the latter’s workplace. The book is touted to take young readers on a journey, introducing them to technological concepts through “charming characters that help capture their imagination.”

According to Idan Zalzberg, Chief Technology Officer, Agoda, the travel platform that produced the e-book: “Creating this book has been a fun project to help encourage more kids to explore and enjoy technology. At the same time, it celebrates life at Agoda and (its) thousands of (global staff). Both the copy and the visuals of the book could be improved with human involvement, but the result does show how rapidly this technology is improving.”

Zalzberg claimed that the e-book was “created mostly for fun and to inspire a future generation of tech talent”, citing his firm’s interest in taking generative AI technology “very seriously”. To wit, the firm has over seventy internal projects taking place in the tech department alone, to leverage increasing efficiency and improving the platform for its users.

To run the platform, the firm cites the use of over 500,000 CPU cores across four data centers around the world, to manage 30 petabytes of data.

This corporate branding exercise is a case study of the use of generative AI capabilities being supplemented by human subjectivity and oversight — to achieve a variety of business and social and other initiatives quickly.