Find out how the merger of Singapore Life and Aviva Singapore led to an urgent digital transformation when CIAM problems arose

When two firms in Singapore — an insurance business and a financial services provider — merged in 2020, the combined base of 1.5m account holders and advisors had outgrown the existing identity management system, leading to challenges in customer logins and access management authentications (CIAM).

Additionally, the firm also wanted a platform that could scale to accommodate an influx of new users.

This was when Singlife with Aviva digitalized its identity management platform to merge Aviva’s legacy systems with Singlife’s cloud-based infrastructure. This included combining two different identity management systems into one single cohesive and robust platform for end users.

Earlier, the firm had set up a dedicated ‘Centre of Excellence’ with digital transformation vendor TransformHub to improve support of initiatives around new product development, quality assurance, system monitoring, and business-as-usual and production support. Leveraging the business relationship, the firm engaged TransformHub to deliver a cloud-based solution that could rationalize the different on-premises applications and directories.

Subsequently, the solution resolved the issue of multiple systems with multiple front-ends and logins, merging the disparate identity management systems into a single platform that also gave IT staff greater flexibility in managing end-user access to applications across devices. 

As a result, customer and advisor login and authentication issues were resolved, and calls to Singlife with Aviva’s customer service center regarding access issues dropped drastically.

Commenting on the transformation,Nischal Tanna, founder and CEO, TransformHub said: “Customers are the lifeblood of firms in the banking, financial services and insurance sector, so besides digitalizing to become more efficient and competitive, such companies also must use data and technology to improve customer experience. We are delighted to be able to support Singlife with Aviva to improve their customer experience capabilities.”