True to its mission statement, 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines stayed relevant throughout the pandemic through digital, automated omnichannel customer support.

Since its beginnings in the Philippines in 1982, Philippines Seven Corp (PSC) has been the pioneer of 24-hour convenience stores in the country, with over 3,000 branches of 7-Eleven stores.

Running on the philosophy of supplying round-the-clock convenience to customers, PSC knew it had to extend customer support beyond physical premises when the digital era was taking off. In 2019, they turned to an omnichannel customer support solution to support the modernization of their vision.  

With that platform in place, PSC was able to consolidate all of its customer support channels into one platform. As a result, 7-Eleven has had a unified control center for its customer and partner experiences in the Philippines throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, after more than 18 months of pandemic-driven disruption of retail convenience in the country, PSC can still rely on its digital transformation to continue serving residents in the country through both digital and store-based avenues.

According to one 7-Eleven Customer Care Specialist, Aeruh Dimalanta: “With the rise of social media use in the Philippines, we’ve witnessed a high demand for support requests on the same channels. We got Freshdesk up and running in minutes and it helped us automate over 100,000 requests last year with easy to use automations on a platform that’s intuitive for our agents.” 

Dimalanta was referring to the omnichannel customer support platform by FreshWorks, which offers automation and pre-delivered social integration for PSC’s customer engagement channels. Nearly all support requests received are resolved automatically and with over 95% SLA attainment. The improved customer experience has helped PSC to retain and even grow its customer base. 

FreshWorks Chief Product Office Prakash Ramamurthy said his firm’s solutions are built to scale for consumer brands like 7-Eleven, and he is “thrilled to see the business benefits that result from a better customer experience.”