With the tide of high speed low-lag wireless connectivity permeating the amenities, operational efficiency and safety are optimized.

The Marina at Keppel Bay in Singapore offers a waterfront lifestyle and yacht experience for vessel owners and visitors.

Having implemented 5G standalone (SA) technology to enrich the area with hyperconnected services, the management of the development, Keppel Land Limited (Keppel Land), has announced how the “first-of-its-kind” connectivity will benefit visitors and stakeholders in terms of improving work processes for berth operations.

For example, 5G surveillance devices with automated vessel analytics and recognition capabilities allow real-time surveillance to ensure safety and security of registered vessels, and alert operators of

5G surveillance device to monitor in real-time, vessels entering and exiting the marina

unauthorized vessels entering the marina. The deployment of surveillance robots enables onsite monitoring and remote assistance to enhance dock safety for operations staff and yacht owners.

The surveillance robots also automate data logging to provide swift communication among stakeholders during incidents, and offer 3D visualization for risk management and planning. Additionally, the robots can be deployed to maintain and monitor the cleanliness of the marina and automatically collect any garbage tracked in the waters.

Furthermore, staff will be deploying headgear tethered with 5G devices to perform safety checks and maintenance duties in a safe and hands-free manner. Onsite staff will be able to establish video conferences, share what they are seeing in real time at any location, and receive relevant remote support instantaneously, improving manpower and resource assignment efficiency. 

True 5G at the bay

The announcement is part of the rollout of 5G SA solutions for enterprises by M1, a subsidiary of Keppel Land, following the recent consumer market trial of the telco’s True 5G SA network launch.

With a True 5G network, fast connectivity and a highly responsive network can improve safety and security, while facilitating advanced automation and streamlining. 

Said Keppel Land’s Chief Executive Officer, Louis Lim: “We are collaborating with M1 to bring innovative, smarter solutions to our portfolio to enhance work processes and improve the experiences of our customers. The rollout of M1’s 5G SA powered solutions at Marina at Keppel Bay is among Keppel Land’s ongoing initiatives which seek to push the envelope of digitalisation and sharpen our focus on customer centricity and engagement.”

M1’s CEO Manjot Singh Mann said his firm is doubling down on efforts to introduce 5G-enabled revolutionary advancements across various industries and to enhance transformation of customer experience: “In line with Keppel’s Vision 2030 to contribute to smart cities of the future, this launch is a testament to our promise to deliver innovative solutions that redefine how businesses can leverage 5G to improve efficiency while meeting customers’ needs. More importantly, it heralds the beginning of our journey towards more viable commercial-ready 5G solutions that will advance our digital economy.”

Going forward, M1 will partner with businesses across various industries to offer 5G-enabled automated teller machines, autonomous shops with enhanced video/data analytics capabilities and IoT applications. Additionally, M1 will continue to collaborate with institutes of higher learning to explore new 5G use cases and set industry standards.

The telco is bringing together more than 20 technology partners to launch the Digital Transformation Alliance (DTA), an inclusive partner ecosystem that encourages digital adoption among small- and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore.