Forbes Global 2000 company picks Veeam for native Azure backup and recovery.

Essilor Amera (Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Russia and Africa) has deployed Veeam Backup & Replication to ensure IT resiliency through native Azure backup and recovery, as well as easy, efficient replication to support the region’s digital business transformation.

The Forbes Global 2000 vision products company is also taking advantage of Veeam’s flexible annual licensing to save US$80,000 over three years.

Essilor is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of ophthalmic lenses. More than 1 billion people across the globe wear the company’s products. One of the fastest growing regions for Essilor is Amera where populations and economies are large and expanding.

To manufacture and distribute vision products more efficiently in this region, Essilor Amera embarked on a digital transformation of business processes. The challenge was ensuring data is always available, so to avoid the risk of data loss, Essilor Amera sought modern data protection with seamless cloud integration.

“Veeam is amazing,” said Petru Craciunas, Head of the IT Infrastructure and Information Security at Essilor Amera. “It’s the most versatile data protection solution for IT resiliency in the age of repeat ransomware attacks.”

Research shows that 80% of organizations hit with ransomware suffer a second attack, and nearly half of the organizations that were attacked a second time believe it was the same attacker.

“Ransomware attacks are increasing, and one of the best ways to avoid them is to have solid backups that can’t be encrypted in a secure cloud,” Craciunas said. “That’s what Veeam offers, and that’s why Veeam is a priority for us.”

Veeam backs up and replicates 45TB across 600 virtual machines (VMs) on-premises, between data centers and to Azure. Some VMs are in Azure, so Veeam backs them up too. For recovery purposes, Veeam can restore on-premises VMs to Azure, and Veeam can restore the VMs residing in Azure.

Simon Doroja, Data Center and Team Lead at Essilor Amera, said he and Craciunas considered two replacements for legacy backup (Nutanix): Commvault, which is used in several regions, and Veeam, which is used by Essilor North America, with noteworthy success.

“Native Azure backup and recovery is just one reason we chose Veeam,” Doroja said. “Another reason is that Veeam supports our digital transformation by replicating VMs quickly and easily for data migration. We tested migration with Commvault, but it was complicated. Everything is easy with Veeam, including technical support. If we have a question or concern, the Singapore team fully supports us.”

Craciunas said another difference between Veeam and Commvault is licensing. “Commvault’s licensing is for three years, but a lot can happen to our IT environments in three years, especially when the cloud is involved. Veeam licensing is annual and flexible, so it adapts to the changing needs of each environment throughout our region.”

Veeam licensing is also affordable, saving US$80,000 over three years. “That savings is directly related to Veeam’s versatility,” Craciunas said. “For us, Veeam is the best solution for data protection, and it’s the easiest to use. Our business partners agree. They use Veeam too, and they say backup and recovery can’t be any easier.”

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