With a warehouse management system rooted in the Cloud, the group expects to expand beyond native shores to tap global markets.

A plumbing and bathroom supplies business with over 650 locations in Australia and New Zealand has undergone digital transformation to optimize its operations further and to grow its business internationally.

Over its 100-year history, the Reece Group has built a supply chain network that has supported its growth. The digital transformation with a Software-as-a-Service Warehouse Management Service (WMS) platform is expected to open up more business capabilities for the future and free up its teams to focus on improvement initiatives.

The group’s Chief Supply Chain Officer Marius Vermeulen said: “The ability to manage distribution center activities more holistically, improving time, labor and cost efficiency, is vital for its growth plans, both domestically and overseas. We are designing our supply chain of the future with trusted partners and scalable technologies to ensure sustainable and efficient growth.”

In fact, one of the partners mentioned by Vermeulen is involved is supplying the WMS solution: “Infor WMS is easy to configure and use, and offers a next-generation solution to drive the future of our business and keep us one step ahead of our customers’ needs,” the CEO commented.

The group can roll out this WMS solution at new sites quickly to improve operations, labor efficiency and turn-around times while managing demand peaks and volumes. With embedded labor management and 3D visual analysis to break down complexity, it provides visibility into inventory, orders, equipment, and people to empower the group to enrich service levels and increase product velocity.

Said Jarrod Kinchington, Managing Director, Infor (Australia & New Zealand): “Cloud-based solutions are transforming the operations of businesses of all sizes. It’s a much more efficient and scalable way to manage and optimize operations, especially at a time when we’re seeing logistics systems under unprecedented pressure.”

WMS digitalization can help businesses holistically to manage distribution center with the right tools to deliver improved operational capabilities, Kinchington said.