Powered fully by cloud-native technologies, 11.11 this year reduced computing resources by 50% for every 10,000 transactions, compared to that of last year.

Other technology highlights, which support Alibaba’s vision for a more sustainable and inclusive 11.11 Global Shopping Festival include:

  1. Green technologies such as liquid cooling and wind energy reduced carbon emissions by over 26,000 tons, equivalent to CO2 absorbed by one million trees annually
  2. Hanguang 800 improved algorithm performance for the search function on Taobao marketplace by 200%
  3. Alibaba Cloud’s propriety large-scale AI model M6 made its debut – improving AI-intensive operations such as apparel design and reducing the carbon footprint of T-shirt manufacturing by more than 30%
  4. Smart voice assistant Taoxiaobao launched with a new “senior mode” to recognize Chinese-language commands in a wide range of local accents with a high accuracy rate, eliminating the need for elderly users to type on mobile devices
  5. Alibaba’s last-mile logistics vehicle Xiaomanlv delivered over 1 million packages during the festival’s 10-day period

For details, check out this infographic.