Notwithstanding the pandemic in 2020, what are the likely returns and risks as 5G gets rolled out?

5G as we know it has mostly been relying on 4G connections, so its full capabilities are limited to test environments.

But any time in 2020, depending on which part of Asia Pacific you’re in, when standalone 5G networks are deployed and enabled – with promises of data transfer at around ten times faster than current 4G speeds – is when we’ll start to see the impact of 5G: at work, at home, and everywhere in between out there.

The race to develop better, faster, more efficient IoT devices and processes means exponential growth and potential for businesses. But there could be pitfalls too…

Apart from this infographic, you can learn more about 5G use cases here: 5G: the Returns, the Risks and Rosey the Robot.

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