Powered by a scalable cloud platform itself, the startup is helping Thailand’s small businesses stay relevant in the post-COVID economy.

Micro, small-medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the backbone of Thailand’s thriving economy—making up over 95% of the local business community. These businesses contribute 43% of the country’s GDP.

To succeed in today’s post-COVID digital, app-driven economy, MSMEs and local wholesalers recognize the importance of digitalization but this has remained low compared to regional peers due to challenges including the lack of tech talent and lack of government funding for the tech sector. The hefty upfront investment in infrastructure and hardware required for most on-premises inventory management software are also key barriers to digital adoption.

One startup there that has recognized the need for affordable corporate access to cloud services has received the support of Internet Thailand (INET). The startup, Nimbus, aims to accelerate the adoption of digital technologies for MSMEs, enabling them to future-proof their operations to adapt to Thailand’s growing digital economy.

Said Nimbus COO Apichet Anutaravanichakul: “Our goal is to help local traditional wholesalers go digital, navigate and thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. However, to be able to support them in their digital transformation journey, we need to first modernize our infrastructure and operations so as to accelerate innovation, agility and scalability.”

With support from INET (and VMWARE, their cloud platform), Nimbus’ cost of doing business has dropped by 40% and its customer base has grown exponentially by 300%. This has enabled the startup to help Thailand’s wholesalers transform their operations with ease: Nimbus is offering their software-as-a-service (SaaS) at an affordable price of 33 baht (US $1) a day.

From manual work to SaaS automation

Previously, book-keeping was done manually and on paper, so store owners did not have a comprehensive view of their business. With Nimbus’ cloud-based solution, such owners can now check stock levels, set prices, manage orders, run reports and manage retail branches seamlessly and efficiently. Local wholesalers can also use any computer or barcode scanner with this solution, thereby reducing the cost of investment in new equipment and lowering the barriers to digital adoption.

Said Morragot Kulatumyotin, Managing Director, Internet Thailand PCL: “With VMware, we are delivering world-class solutions and support to Nimbus. By helping them streamline costs and improve agility, they can now grow and scale on demand. This puts them in a better position to empower local wholesalers in rebooting their business to succeed and thrive in the digital economy.”

Said Ekpawin Sukanan, Country Manager, VMware Thailand: “Digitalization is fast becoming the competitive game-changer across Thailand and Southeast Asia. Together with INET, we hope Nimbus’ cloud-based inventory management service will help drive Thailand’s wholesale industry into the digital future, so local businesses can continue to thrive and flourish in the new economy.”