DigiconAsia: Other than the obvious pandemic-linked phenomena, what are the reasons you think led to the strong DC industry growth in APAC in the past few years? 

James Murphy, Managing Director (APAC), DC Byte

DigiconAsia: What implications and opportunities do you read in to the APAC DC industry statistics?

JM: The booming data center market in APAC presents both exciting opportunities and unique budgeting considerations for organizations’ data center projects. Here are some key insights to keep in mind:

    • The DC industry’s strong growth in APAC signifies a rapidly growing market. This translates to high demand for data center resources, potentially driving up construction and equipment costs in the short term.
    • Compared to the established DC market in the US, a number of developing APAC markets are still building infrastructure. Land and construction may be initially cheaper in some of these developing APAC markets. Factor-in potential costs for upgrading power grids or telecommunications infrastructure, which may be less developed in certain areas.
    • Underserved markets within APAC offer significant potential. However, investments in power and telecoms infrastructures will likely be required. Consider factoring-in these additional costs when budgeting for data center deployments in these regions. Energy efficiency is a growing concern due to rising energy costs. Prioritize energy-saving technologies and operational practices to minimize long-term operational expenses.

DigiconAsia: What key recommendations would you offer to help businesses succeed in the evolving data center landscape?

Keeping sustainability foremost in mind, also consider the following:

    • Utilize edge services for faster data processing
    • Build strategic partnerships and acquisitions
    • Track the increasing demand for AI-driven applications in order to meet increasing demands for data center services
    • Invest in green data centers to achieve long-term cost savings, meet or exceed regulatory compliance, and ultimately, benefit the environment

DigiconAsia thanks James for sharing his data center industry report insights with readers.