Case Studies: Enhancing the CX of a multinational life insurance company

How Uniphore’s U-Self Serve helped to enhance a multinational life insurance company’s CX

Enhancing the CX of a multinational life insurance company

A global life insurance company aimed to provide a business solution to empower its customers by using an intuitive self-service platform or an intelligent virtual assistant to understand account-related queries and resolve them in real-time at their utmost convenience.

U-Self Serve by Uniphore was chosen to provide the AI technology for the multinational life insurance company because of its robust omnichannel, multi-lingual, and AI-driven Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine, understanding customer “Intent” from text and voice inputs. 

The U-Self Serve NLU engine uses advanced, machine-learning capabilities to understand customers’ needs and intents more efficiently with each interaction, providing customers a personal assistant that enables them to set reminders for key transactions.

The 24/7 intelligent virtual assistant allows customers to access transactional information, download documents, and update requests and appointments, eliminating IVR menus in customer care channels.

This infographic is intended to increase your awareness about the importance of investing in AI technology in providing excellent CX that can greatly benefit your business.

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