YIWU, China, Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Yiwugo.com is the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, which is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Yiwugo since it was officially put into operation. Over the decade, the platform has always valued its credibility, constantly adjusted its pace of development, and consolidated its technological strengths. Cherishing the reputation and quality of e-commerce, Yiwugo and the merchants it hosts have delivered high-quality pre- and after-sales services, with a view to embracing a brilliant future for its own as a platform as well as for the market. Since it was founded, Yiwugo has adhered to the principle that for each virtual store, there must be a corresponding brick-and-mortar store, and required all merchants to display their business license when doing business. As such, the information of suppliers is more reliable, and each deal is manageable, controllable and traceable. Today, Yiwugo has become one of the most frequently visited B2B e-commerce platform in China, second only to “1688”.

Foreign Merchants searching on the Yiwugo.com
Foreign Merchants searching on the Yiwugo.com

Besides Yiwugo, there are a great number of enterprises in Yiwu that value their reputation as well and thrive in their lines of business. Among such enterprises there is no shortage of foreign merchants. Founded by a group of foreign businessmen in 2006, Yiwu Zhaman Trade Co., Ltd. has fostered an excellent reputation in the Yiwu market over the past decade, outputting an export value of nearly CNY 200 million each year. Most of its foreign associates understand Mandarin, and some of them can even speak Yiwu’s local dialect. Saeed, one of the principals at Zhaman, has been in Yiwu for 14 years and witnessed the growth of the company from scratch. Apart from the city of Yiwu which offers convenient functions such as ports, logistics and warehousing to foreign merchants, online platforms such as Yiwugo also provide great conveniences for their purchases and everyday life. All this is beyond reach in their own countries.

Saeed’s interpreter Mr. Ma said his boss and he just sold one container of switch products, and the supplier they have been working with was one that he found on Yiwugo two years ago. As veterans of international trade, they all have Yiwugo installed on their cellphone as a must-have application. Every international trade specialist at their company places orders amounting to at least CNY 600,000 on Yiwugo each year. Thanks to Yiwugo’s precise positioning function, they can always quickly find desirable suppliers from the recommended results of key word search. This is no doubt a very important function for bulk buyers. The overall impression that Yiwugo leaves on foreign-owned international trade companies is that it can always help them find suppliers that are perfectly matched with their target products at the fastest speed.

Just like Yiwugo, Zhaman serves as a bridge between foreign buyers and the suppliers in the market. Trust is the cornerstone for cooperation between both sides. Zhaman alone runs nearly 10 branches such as Zharou and Zhaqing in Yiwu. Needless to say, there are thousands of other foreign trade companies throughout the city, interacting with the Yiwu market and Yiwugo via the Internet on a daily basis. Today, even take-away deliverymen are using Yiwugo to locate their target stores.

Empowered by information technology, platforms such as Yiwugo are penetrating all aspects of daily life for people in Yiwu, the city of commerce, and are at the same time making improvements and progress driven by people’s daily needs. Presently, Yiwugo features 50,000 tenant merchants, a UV of 800,000, a PV of 15 million, and 10 million registered buyers, 10% of whom are overseas users. Yiwugo has become the world’s largest platform for commodity wholesale.

On this basis, Yiwugo has endeavored to bring in industry belts from across the country. To date, more than 4,000 high-quality industry belt stores have settled on the platform. Yiwugo not only stands out as an exemplary model for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional specialized market in China, but also expects to serve global buyers by connecting the industry belts across the country. Yiwugo is now actively applying the metauniverse technology to present future-oriented online stores and offer fully immersed “cloud purchase” experiences, thus making global purchase more efficient and friendly.