WARSAW, Poland, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Barely a month after announcing its business model revamp that takes effect on July 3rd, WOO Network announced the 35 new listings, the signing of new top trading partners, and the launch of Zero Fee Zone, strengthening WOO X’s position as a professional traders’ platform.

The company also announced the launch of trading competitions with a total prize pool of 100,000 WOO, highlighting the deep liquidity, superior trade execution, and customizable trading UI that distinguish WOO X from its competitors.

“The new assets are part of an ongoing upgrade to our platform to accommodate more assets, improve trade execution, and increase liquidity. With the revamped business model going into effect, WOO X users can expect further improvements in spreads and executions,” said Ben Yorke, VP of Ecosystem.

Buy or sell crypto without any trading fees

The Zero Fee Zone on WOO X includes around 60 tokens, including BTC, ETH, AVAX, and other mainstream cryptocurrencies available to buy or sell without any trading fees. Users can buy or sell these assets without any trading fees, for both spot and spot margin (up to 5x leverage). Users can have unlimited access by staking 1800 WOO or more.

Unlike other platforms that charge monthly subscription fees or limit the amount of trading volume, the Zero Fee Zone is designed for traders who care about their cost of trading, regardless of whether they are first-time crypto holders or full-time professional traders.

The Zero Fee Zone allows WOO X to stay true to its spirit of innovation and provide users with zero-fee trading, while still having a more conventional fee-backed business model on exciting new listings and derivative products.

“We have lined up several trading competitions this month to let new and current users experience the upgrades that we have made,” Yorke noted.

100,000 WOO prize pool at Battle Royale, Tealstreet, and WunderTrading

To celebrate WOO X milestones, 51,000 WOO will be prizes to traders with the highest volume on eligible trading pairs, referrers with the highest number of referees, new KYC users, and users who correctly guess the top trading pair. The trading competition called Battle Royale will run from July 3rd to 23rd.

Two other trading competitions were launched in parallel to Battle Royale, celebrating WOO X integration with Tealsteet, a proprietary trading terminal for crypto derivatives, and WunderTrading, a platform that helps traders make informed trading decisions, including advanced charting tools, trading signals, and automated trading bots. A total prize pool of 50,000 WOO awaits all WOO X users who trade with the highest volume through these new partners.

Yorke said on top of all these competitions, WOO X is working on improving the alignment between the incentives of all ecosystem participants by improving rebates for affiliates, brokers, and trading terminals, investing in new products and feature requests, improving our listing infrastructure, and forging impactful partnerships with leading ecosystems and applications as a means of funding growth initiatives.

Click here to learn and enter the trading competition. [https://x.woo.org/battle-royale?utm_source=prnewswire&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=battle_royale&utm_content=battle_royale_prnewswire_article_]

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