TAIPEI, Oct. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Set to take place this October, the annual Taiwan Innotech Expo (TIE) will bring together the impressive results from the ongoing R&D efforts of Taiwan’s industries and academia. The virtual exhibition will start on October 11th, and the physical exhibition commence at Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) on October 13th.

The main thematic pavilions of TIE 2022 are Innovation Pilot, Future Tech, and Sustainability. Exhibitors include 69 organizations from 18 countries, and more than 600 technological innovations will be on display. Additionally, there will be a special section where the major Taiwanese semiconductor companies such as TSMC, UMC, and ASE will be demonstrating their R&D prowess, which has been vital in safeguarding the island’s strategic interests. Through a diverse range of presentation methods, the event will show off Taiwan’s latest technological achievements to the wider public.

Innovation Pilot: Innovative Semiconductor Applications

Under the invitation of Taiwan’s Industrial Development Bureau, several major Taiwanese semiconductor companies will be demonstrating the leading manufacturing capability of the island’s all-encompassing semiconductor supply chain. Related products that will be on display include MediaTek’s Wi-Fi 7 chip, ASE’s advanced chip packaging solution, and Realtek’s AI-based super resolution IC. The last item won COMPUTEX 2022 Best Choice Award.

Taiwan’s National Development Council will also be at the event to introduce the world’s first certified semiconductor-based biotechnological solution that detects virus infection within 30 minutes at an accuracy rate higher than 95%. With a performance that is on par with PCR, this solution was granted EUA by Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare at the end of 2021.

Besides semiconductors, the Innovation Pilot pavilion will also host many emission-cutting technologies. To align domestic industries with the global trend of net-zero emissions, The Industrial Technology and Research Institute under the Department of Industrial Technology has a developed a digital solution for carbon-reduction applications. Already adopted by domestic companies, this solution can contribute to a 4.07% reduction in CO2 emissions from a manufacturing process. Also, the National Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology will unveil an environment-friendly anti-fouling paint that contains micro- and nano-capsules. Made using an emulsifier-free polymerization method, this paint is essential for the operation of marine vessels as it prevents surface corrosions and saves fuel costs. Other green solutions that will be on display include cutlery and dishes made from bagasse and waste plant fibers. Such products have been patented and certified in many countries and are now being sold in North America and Europe.

Sustainable Development: Taiwanese Companies Take Lead in ESG

Once a mere slogan, “sustainability” is now being fully realized in corporate practices and emerges as a driving force behind the transformation of the major industries such as automobiles, construction, and semiconductor. With this concept taking root in many businesses, Taiwanese companies are moving quickly to take part in the front rank of this global revolution and support their government’s Net-Zero Roadmap. This year, the Sustainability pavilion will focus on emission reduction, carbon capture, green energy, and recycling. Taiwan’s industries will be leveraging the innovations in these fields to enhance their competitiveness.

To reach the goal of net-zero emissions, research teams under the directions of government agencies have developed numerous infrastructure-level technologies. Examples that will be on display include a supervisory control and data acquisition system for restoring power to areas affected by a blackout, an AI-based solution for detecting leaks from water pipes, and a hydrogen energy platform. Another major highlight of the pavilion is efficiency-improving solutions for agricultural applications. Examples that will be on display include a gearbox for crawler-type electric intelligent vehicles, multifunctional wearable devices for assisting with harvests, and a process for turning coffee grounds into feed additives. Besides all these, a high-strength plastic purposed for the frames of solar panels will also be among the exhibitions. This durable material enables reliable performance under extreme weathers. In sum, the Sustainability pavilion will provide a full view of Taiwan’s commitment to ESG.

Future Technology: Teams Worldwide Will Compete for First-Ever TIE Award

Set to exhibit the largest number of forward-looking technologies among the three pavilions, the Future Technology pavilion will also host the first-ever TIE Award (Tech Innovation Excellence Award) ceremony. The leaders of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry has been called on to select the best offered by international startup teams, corporations, and research institutions with respect to semiconductor technologies and their applications. A total of 11 winning teams based in Taiwan and abroad will showcase their solutions and network with local companies during the event.

The pavilion will also host highly anticipated international forums, such as “Staying Competitive in Semiconductor Industry over Next Decade,” “Technologies for Meeting 2050 Net-Zero Target,” and “Innovations That Catalyze Transformation of Sports Industry.” From home and abroad, keynote speakers from leading companies have been invited to discuss new industry trends.

A Gathering of Cutting-Edge Technologies

TIE 2022 will witness the greatest gathering of technology titans from countries including the US, Germany, Japan, and Thailand. Notable multinationals and research institutions that will be at the event include Qualcomm, Cisco, Siemens, Merck, FUJIFILM, Fanuc, and Thailand’s National Science and Technology Development Agency. Also, a panel discussion titled “Innovative Technology Forum” will be held on October 14th. The conference will feature moderators and panelists from Google, HP, Delta Electronics, China Steel Corporation, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association, Intellectual Property Innovation Corporation, etc. The forum will be livestreamed so as to attract a global audience.

Aiming to improve competitiveness of the domestic industries through the promotion of R&D exchanges, TIE 2022 is a must-attend event for people who are interested in technological innovations and the latest industry trends.

Physical Exhibition: Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center, Oct. 13-15, 2022

Virtual Exhibition:, Oct. 11-20, 2022