The study provides insights into Singaporean workers’ attitudes towards digital transformation and company support.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Reeracoen, a leading provider of human resource services in Singapore, and Rakuten Insight Global, an online market research subsidiary of Rakuten Group, have released results of their collaborative study. The research delves into the perspectives of Singapore workers from three different age groups to better understand how attitudes towards digital transformation have evolved and to evaluate the adequacy of company support in the context of accelerated global digitalisation efforts.

The COVID-19 pandemic has propelled companies worldwide to swiftly embrace digitalisation, requiring employees to adapt rapidly to new technologies. After more than three years since the outbreak, the survey aimed to assess whether Singaporean workers now consider themselves better prepared to navigate the realm of digital transformation.

Titled “Perceptions of Digitalisation in the New Normal World”, the study drew insights from 308 participants, with 39% (121 respondents) being Gen X and Baby Boomers, 38% (117 respondents) representing Gen Y, and 23% (70 respondents) from the Gen Z category.

Key Insights from the Study

From the integration of digital tools in workplaces to the proliferation of digital platforms in everyday life, it is easy to assume that awareness of digitalisation is widespread. Yet, the survey data underscores a notable gap in understanding among individuals, regardless of their age group. The survey also unearthed several key findings:

  • Awareness of Digitalisation: The survey indicated that less than half of the respondents were familiar with the term. Notably, a significant proportion of Gen Y respondents (45%) were unfamiliar with the concept. However, all generations indicated positive sentiments towards adopting digital transformation.
  • Company Readiness and Support in Upskilling: Most respondents believed their companies were prepared for digitalisation, with over 55% sharing this sentiment. Gen Z, often considered digital natives, exhibited the highest confidence at 63%. More than half of respondents felt supported by their companies to upskill. However, at least two-thirds across all demographics believed that Singaporean companies could still do more to help and embrace digitalisation.
  • Preferred Initiatives: While external training and time off work to upgrade were popular choices across the board, Gen X and Baby Boomers preferred the latter, with 41% choosing this option.
  • Responsibility for Digitalisation: Opinions on whether a specific department should helm digitalisation efforts were divided across generations. However, more respondents leaned towards a dedicated department for digitalisation. Gen X and Baby Boomers leaned towards the government (30%) and IT (29%) taking the lead, while Gen Y leaned towards IT (33%). A sizeable minority believed it should be a collective responsibility (21%). Gen Z favoured IT leadership (39%) and a government role (26%).
  • Familiarity with Upskilling Platforms: SkillsFuture emerged as the most recognised upskilling platform, familiar to over 73% of respondents in all three demographics. Workforce Singapore also garnered significant recognition. However, Gen X and Baby Boomers favoured Udemy and Microsoft Learn, while Gen Y and Gen Z preferred platforms like Grab and Microsoft Learn.

This study offers a comprehensive view of Singaporean workers’ evolving perceptions of digitalisation, equipping employers and job seekers with insights to navigate the digital age confidently. By understanding the perspectives of various generations, businesses can foster a cohesive working environment that adapts to the changing landscape of technology.

Mr. Kenji Naito, Group CEO of Reeracoen, shared, “Digitalisation is a defining force reshaping industries and economies. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this transformation, prompting businesses to reimagine operations and embrace technology. To remain relevant, companies must invest in upskilling and foster a culture of continuous learning.”

Empowering businesses to retain and attract talent adeptly is at the core of Reeracoen’s mission, and this study is an essential step toward achieving that objective. Through these insights, Reeracoen hopes to contribute to creating an enhanced working environment for employees nationwide.

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Reeracoen’s Group CEO, Mr Kenji Naito
Reeracoen’s Group CEO, Mr Kenji Naito

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