WELLINGTON, New Zealand, March 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wellington software provider, Projectworks, sees enormous potential for growth as a leading Xero partner, now that Xero has sold the WorkflowMax brand.

“WorkflowMax was a strong brand for Xero at one point, but in recent years, modern software platforms like Projectworks have provided better alternatives,” says Projectworks CEO Matt Hayter.

Projectworks has already made a huge investment in its one-click migration from WorkflowMax, and with this announcement, we’re going to double down and waive any migration fees for customers who want to make the switch.

“Projectworks has a fantastic track record of helping customers migrate smoothly, while also providing additional features such as resource planning, real time margin and utilisation, that former WorkflowMax partners and customers love.”

Workflowmax was once an iconic Kiwi start-up and an early acquisition for Xero.

Lance Wiggs, a director of the Punakaiki Fund added:

“WorkflowMax has served the industry really well, and paved the way to show the benefits of cloud software to consultancies and more. It’s a bit sad to see this announcement as the clients have daily challenges to meet. However, there is a new generation of software that is led by Wellington’s own Projectworks, who serve consultancies across the globe. Punakaiki Fund invested in Projectworks last year.”

Hayter says that in effect WorkflowMax customers have been graduating to Projectworks for years now. “Projectworks is already well ahead on features as well as usability. Projectworks has, for example, a far deeper and more intuitive integration into Xero than WorkflowMax already.”

“We were also named as Xero’s Emerging App Partner of the year in 2020, and a finalist for the highly coveted App Partner of the year in 2021.”

With Xero now clear to promote Projectworks as a partner and provider of workforce management software, Hayter believes Projectworks has strong potential to grow.

“You don’t need to spend long reading the extensive list of 5-star reviews in the Xero App Store to see the real difference Projectworks is making for businesses out there.”

For more information about migrating from WorkflowMax, please visit: https://projectworks.io/workflowmax

About Projectworks

Projectworks is an all-in-one software platform for consulting, engineering, architecture, and software firms. The platform was developed specifically for the consulting industry after it’s founders saw a need while running their own global consultancy firm.

With users spanning the globe, Projectworks serves professional services firms ranging from 4-400 employees. The unique feature set of Projectworks works precisely the way Professional Services Firms operate and enables improved utilisation, maximisation of billable hours, more accurate forecasting, and most importantly, higher margins.

For more information about Projectworks, visit https://projectworks.io