SINGAPORE, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NORDEK, a leading name in the blockchain industry, is thrilled to announce its role as the Presenting Sponsor for the highly anticipated World Blockchain Summit in Singapore. This prestigious event promises to gather the brightest minds and most innovative projects from the global blockchain ecosystem, creating an unparalleled platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and advancements in the world of decentralized technologies.

NORDEK is a layer 2 blockchain that combines the advantages of a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) network with the strength of an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compliant Network blockchain. The NORDEK blockchain is capable of processing faster and more cost-effective transactions than ever before, raising the bar for blockchain efficiency. At the time of writing, the total transactions for the blockchain stand at 459,284 with 176,797 registered wallet addresses and 88+ active validators. NORDEK also has a native token of its own called $NRK. There has been a total of 17,805,033 $NRK staked so far and has a market cap of $182,025,900 USD.

For the widespread adoption of web3 payments, NORDEK is committed to developing the most business and consumer-friendly environment. NORDEK strives to close the gap between conventional and blockchain-based transactions with its technology and user-centered strategy.

NORDEK also provides infrastructures for custom swaps, exchanges, bridges, NFT marketplaces, launchpads, and wallets. This comprehensive set of tools enables developers to deploy projects more quickly and reduce time to market.

“We at NORDEK are truly excited to be the Presenting Sponsor of the World Blockchain Summit. This event brings together the best minds in the blockchain industry, and it presents an incredible opportunity to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and inspire innovation. As a firm believer in the transformative power of blockchain technology, we look forward to showcasing our innovations, said Raajessh Kashyap, CEO and Founder of NORDEK.

NORDEK is on a mission to bring widespread adoption of web3 payments with its technology and comprehensive portfolio of services.  In the spirit of innovation, NORDEK is set to unveil an exciting new blockchain product during the event. NORDEK is preparing for its launch of a crypto debit card to make it easier to spend crypto in daily life.

NORPAY cards will support VISA and MasterCard and will be available in virtual and physical cards. The card will be widely accepted in over 170 countries, and 60M+ merchants globally and will provide support for 40+ crypto assets. Users of Norpay can utilize POS terminals, ATMs, and several other payment methods to complete transactions.

Adding more products to its suite, Norflix, a Nordek crypto voucher service, gives users the ability to use the $NRK token to book flights, top-up airtime, bundle services, and create reward programs. By bridging the gap between Web3 and Web2 payments and disrupting the cryptocurrency market, these services enable the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The World Blockchain Summit Singapore 2023 is a major event that brings together global blockchain enthusiasts, industry experts, and thought leaders. NORDEK’s involvement in this summit indicates its dedication to defining the future of blockchain technology and fostering industry collaboration. NORDEK is confident that WBS will be an exceptional platform for forging new partnerships and strengthening existing collaborations.

NORDEK is a leading blockchain ecosystem dedicated to facilitating the mainstream adoption of web3 payments.

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