mPrest and EDF Renewables announce a teaming agreement

mPrest’s mDERMS platform enables EDF Renewables to act as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), optimize its trading and maximize the company’s revenues from electricity produced in production facilities according to the respective energy market models, and minimize energy purchase costs by planning generation to match customer profiles and market prices.

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — mPrest, a leading developer and provider of dynamic grid aware, as well as Behind the Meter, Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS), has been chosen by EDF Renewables Israel Ltd., a subsidiary of EDF Renewables SA, an international energy company which develops, builds, and operates renewable power generation plants, and is a leader in the competitive renewable energy market, as its DERMS platform for the purpose of managing and optimizing its distributed solar and storage assets profits.

EDF Renewables Israel is the leading company in the growing competitive distributed energy market in Israel.  To maximize its trading profits between the energy market, distributed generation and storage, and energy sales to customers, EDF Renewables Israel requires a sophisticated Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform.  Said platform goes beyond a standard VPP platform.  It acts as a “system of systems” orchestration platform, integrating with all distributed generation, as well as with multiple Energy Management Systems (EMS’) at large distributed solar sites, and offers an end-to-end energy-cost optimization of all distributed generation and storage.

“mPrest’s DERMS represents a leap forward in energy innovation, seamlessly integrating, managing, and optimizing diverse energy resources. It’s not just about power; it’s a strategic approach to creating a more resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem,” said Natan Barak, mPrest’s CEO. “After investing years in our architecture and infrastructure for distribution companies, we are fortunate to have expanded our Enterprise DERMS offering to include Edge DERMS for VPPs and aggregators as well.  We are therefore honored to partner with EDF Renewables, in optimizing and managing their distributed flexibility and energy trading profits”.

“In a rapidly evolving energy landscape, our solar and storage based VPP harnesses energy from distributed resources, and optimizes energy production, while paving the way for a cleaner energy future,” said Ayalon Vaniche the CEO of EDF Renewables Israel. “In the journey towards a cleaner and more efficient energy future, our VPP takes center stage”.

“mPrest’s DERMS is pioneering a new era of energy management.  It’s about seamlessly integrating renewable resources, storage technologies, and advanced analytics, to create a dynamic and efficient energy ecosystem,” said Ron Halpern, mPrest’s Chief Commercial Officer.  “We’re excited to introduce a paradigm shift in energy dynamics.  It’s not just about generating power, it’s about orchestrating a symphony of distributed energy resources to create a resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure, while optimizing grid-edge flexibility, and reducing energy costs”.

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About EDF Renewables Israel:

EDF Renewables Israel, part of the global EDF Group (the French National Electricity Company), is the leading company in the growing and competitive Israeli renewable energy market. As part of a foremost world corporation, EDF Renewables brings the financial stability and proven capabilities to develop, plan and execute ground-breaking projects on a national scale with proven track record. EDF Renewables Israel has been an active player in Israel since 2009, with a vision to spearhead the renewable energy revolution in Israel by developing projects based on the most innovative solutions and top-notch technologies in the field. EDF Renewables has extensive experience in every stage of renewable energy projects: initiation, development, planning and engineering, procurement, construction, operation, maintenance and management. The company is actively involved in all types of PV, including ground projects, electricity storage, projects over agricultural fields (Agro PV) and on fishponds, water reservoirs, and rooftops.