Global Leader in Ultra-Intelligent Home Robotics Boosts Automation Features With Alexa

HONG KONG, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Amazon announced new Alexa developer solutions that will allow Roborock, a global leader in ultra-intelligent home robotics, to onboard domain-specific triggers to Alexa Routines in the US, a popular automation feature ordered through the Alexa mobile app. In addition, the upcoming implementation of Action Controller support will provide customers with the ability interact more naturally with their Roborock devices when connected to Alexa.

Roborock Boosts Automation Features With Alexa
Roborock Boosts Automation Features With Alexa

As part of the collaborations, Roborock is continuing to create the easiest and most automated experience when it comes to smart home cleaning by integrating three main types of triggers through Alexa Routines for customers to enjoy. Customers can now access and be notified of an array of maintenance reminders, device errors, and cleaning state updates – such as the filter has reached its usage limit, an abnormal water level in the maintenance dock, and more. Once onboarded, the custom triggers appear under the ‘When this happens’ Routines section in the Alexa Mobile app.

“Up until now, Routines have provided Roborock customers a great option to automate cleaning when paired with Alexa,” says Richard Chang, Founder & CEO of Roborock. “Adding more triggers designed specifically for Roborock devices will allow customers to enjoy more customization to the Routines they create. With new triggers such as maintenance reminders and a change in the robot’s cleaning status being implemented, users can take more timely action without constantly monitoring their devices. This enables Roborock customers to come up with more creative ways to automate their cleaning than ever before.”

In addition to custom triggers, Amazon has introduced Action Controller, a new interface that will enable Roborock customers in the US to issue commands using more natural conversational language with Alexa, making it easier for customers to activate a task. Action Controller support will be introduced to the entire Roborock product catalog in phases spanning across the upcoming months, detailed information will be announced.

“Ensuring Alexa Custom Triggers and Action Controller are available for developers like Roborock is a key priority for us,” said Anubhav Sharma, Alexa Routines Lead. “In our ambient-intelligence vision, an AI service such as Alexa makes sense of the state of your environment, including devices, sensors, objects, people, and activity around you, to help you in every situation where you need assistance — either reactively (customer initiated) or proactively (AI initiated). Custom Triggers for Routines is core to our vision of understanding our customers’ environment by empowering developers to onboard relevant signals to Alexa. I can’t wait to see what our developers and customers dream up with this capability!” 

“We’re eager to introduce Action Controller into our products, bringing the latest large language model voice control experience to our customers when connected to Alexa,” Chang continued. “Customers will soon be able to interact and control their Roborock using more conversational commands, such as “my kitchen floor is dirty” will send a Roborock to clean what’s spilled onto the kitchen floor. We are thrilled to first bring this perk to our robot vacuum customers in the upcoming months, making our product seamless and easy to use, and further integrating our products into our customer’s smart home.”

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