BRISBANE, Australia, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Microair Avionics has a proud history of pioneering lightweight, energy-efficient, and affordable General Aviation (GA), Sports Aviation (SA) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) focused avionics products. With strong links to these sectors, Microair has come to know the needs of kit designers and amateur-built / experimental aircraft and sports aircraft owners the world over. The company recently underwent a management buyout and free of its corporate owner is undergoing a return to its roots – great products, and excellent customer service.

The Microair-certified M760 remains the standard defining transceiver for GA and SA operators around the world since its introduction in 1997 to replace the company’s first transceiver the M720. There was little in common between the two versions, with the current M760Q setting a new benchmark for the standard 2¼” (57mm) instrument face that most competitors have since adopted. The M760’s small size, low price, easy installation and high reliability, have collectively been the successful combination of factors that have created the loyalty that Microair’s customers have today.

The introduction of the T2000SFL transponder series expanded Microair’s customer base, using the same winning formula of small size, low price, and easy installation. The UAV version, the T2000UAV, has established Microair as a leading supplier to many of the world’s largest military UAVs and target drone manufacturers.

But it was not all smooth sailing for Microair. After decades of product development and growth, a change of ownership 9 years ago and a series of global crises pulled the brakes on what had otherwise been an unblemished run of accomplishments. This saw worldwide customers (over 20,000 transceivers and 8,000 transponders) left with little aftermarket support.

But today its new owners are determined to right the wrongs and are doing so by first establishing a global network of support. From May this year, customers in the Americas will have access to an exchange pool of M760 radios from Microair’s new facility in Utah. Likewise, customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa can access exchanges from the company’s Dublin facility. “It’s hard to listen to the stories of customers who have remained loyal to our brand, tell us how they had been left without easy access to repairs and support,” said Mr George Pesce the Group General Manager for Microair. “Through these new support centers in Ireland and the US, customers can access traditional repairs services or, for those wanting a quick turn-around, an exchange.” With this, the company has launched a range of extended warranty service contract options to help customers access guaranteed availability of their Microair products.

Whilst continuing to work through traditional partners such as Spruce, Microair has also launched a direct sales channel on its website where in addition to buying radios, customers can purchase service contracts and arrange repairs. Through the new facilities, customers can now also enjoy free shipping within the US and Europe.

Pesce is optimistic about the future. “Our presence in both the US and Europe will not only enable a streamlined distribution network for new products. It will also provide an important avenue for prompt customer support. Our new service options will give customers peace of mind through an ‘old for new/refurbished’ exchange that will help to keep customers doing what they love best, which is flying.”

About Microair Avionics

We are a pre-emptive, technology-inspired company – designing and manufacturing lightweight, energy-efficient and cost-effective GA, SA, and UAV-focused avionic products for you, wherever you are. All our products are designed and manufactured in Queensland, Australia and supported via our global network of customer care, warranties, and technical support. 25 years in the making, we thank our partners, customers, and representatives near and far, from the creation of our first radio the M720 VHF Comm, to our next generation of products, the tiny M760 radio, our first and lightweight T2000 transponder, the entry into the UAV realm with the super successful T2000UAV and TSO certification enabled the T2000 to successfully enter the GA market.

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