BEIJING, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Infobird Co., Ltd (NASDAQ: IFBD) (“Infobird” or the “Company”), a leading provider of AI-powered customer engagement solutions in China, today announced that it has entered into a cooperation agreement with a leading global Fintech service provider. Under this agreement, Infobird will leverage its AI Chatbots and years of experience in the financial industry to provide strong support for the client’s digital and intelligent customer engagement. The cooperation marks another important milestone for Infobird, as it expects to continue to win significant new customer business in its strategic industries.

In an era that focuses on efficiency and effectiveness, Fintech companies are increasingly seeking to leverage intelligent solutions to better reach and contact their customers. The traditional method of connecting with customers through human customer service agents can be both ineffective and quite costly. This is especially true when companies have a large customer base, where difficulties of efficient customer management and the associated personnel costs can increase significantly. Infobird’s AI voice/text Chatbot products can support many client scenarios, including notification, customer marketing, customer activation, customer satisfaction surveys and etc. At the same time, during the implementation of specific solutions, Infobird’s business consultants can also help clients design processes that are more suitable for customer engagement scenarios with the goal of truly integrating its solutions into the operations of the customer to maximize the effect of its AI applications.

Over the years, Infobird’s AI voice/text Chatbots have served many clients in different industries, covering finance, healthcare, technology services, and corporate services. The Company has accumulated years of operational and industry experience. In the financial sector, Infobird has gained deep know-how of the actual business scenarios of the industry and provided customers with business result-oriented solutions. In terms of product capabilities, Infobird’s AI voice/text Chatbots are capable of not only single-round simple Q&As, but also multi-round dialogues. This allows the AI Chatbots to be more “human-like” in the actual work and therefore provide better user experiences for clients. In addition, Infobird can provide a seamless experience for the human customer service agent via Chatbot’s cooperation, with AI Chatbots first communicating with customers and then, if necessary, transferring certain calls to the human agents for further services.

As a leading AI SaaS customer engagement service provider in China, Infobird’s intelligent product portfolio covers scenarios in both customer engagement and sales force management. In the future, Infobird plans to continue to optimize the Company’s product capabilities in intelligent products such as AI voice/text Chatbots, and build more first-hand customer engagement experiences in different industries and provide greater value to the Company’s clients.

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