BEIJING, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — An interview with Sun Wanlu, commentator of, on some facts concerning the BRI:

I don’t think the BRI has ever been involved in any actions that have transferred phased-out capacity from China to its BRI partner countries. Most of them are developing countries, who are still in the process of urbanization and industrialization; insufficient capacity has been a major bottleneck for these countries. Under the cooperation framework of the BRI, production capacity collaboration with China in these countries is market-oriented with companies as the main players, which is in line with their dire needs for industrialization, modernization and improving infrastructure. Furthermore, green has always been the theme color of the BRI: China has issued policies and documents to advance the green achievements of the BRI and eco-environmental conservation efforts, and launched the Initiative for Belt and Road Partnership on Green Development. Here are two examples: A path was pre-designed in the Mombasa–Nairobi Railway, allowing large animals like giraffes to cross the railway bridge easily; under the photovoltaic panels in the solar power stations of Punjab, Pakistan, grass, melons and other plants are thriving. The BRI has upheld the protection of eco-environmental conservation with earnest efforts.

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Has China transferred its phased out capacity to BRI partner countries and caused damage to their local environment?