SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On December 16, 2022, GLOW SHENZHEN the 3rd Shenzhen international light festival was officially opened. Representatives form Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality and other government departments, the president of Asia Data Group and other guests, as well as representatives from well-known organizations in various industries were present at the opening ceremony.

With the theme of “Chasing the Flowing Light”, this year’s GLOW SHENZHEN has set up exhibition areas and 36 event locations in 10 administrative districts, including Futian, Luohu and Nanshan, holding 68 thematic art activities, connecting 25 business areas, showcasing 78 groups of 217 pieces light artworks from many countries and regions. The event was organized by Urban Administration and Law Enforcement Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality in collaboration with the People’s Government of Futian, Luohu, Yantian, Nanshan, Bao’an, Longgang, Longhua, Pingshan, Guangming District and the Administrative Committee of Dapeng New District, co-organized by Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality and Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, and planned and operated by Asia Data Group.

GLOW SHENZHEN not only brought citizens a feast of light, but also introduced a more comprehensive and insightful discussion of the significance of light to the city. Illuminating the city with lights, so that the brilliance of humanities and light artworks can complement each other under the urban night sky; bring incredible immersive experiences to citizens with the charm of artwork, collaborating the future with art, together to write a new chapter of Shenzhen.

Cross Industry Resources Integration Generating New Urban Consumption

GLOW SHENZHEN has been successfully held for third session, it has been actively integrating the resources of the city’s business area and scenic spots, sparing no effort to build a new landmark for the development of the nighttime economy, and radiating, driving and leading the city’s business areas and scenic spots to promote the development of the nighttime economy. At the same time, the event also created a special lighting night atmosphere with different themes and brand-new nighttime consumption scenarios for the prosperity and growth of the nighttime economy.

This year’s GLOW SHENZHEN has joined hands with 25 business areas in Shenzhen for the planning of the “GLOW Shopping Go” brand campaign, through carrying out online discount promotions of the business areas, it aims at stimulating the public’s offline consumption enthusiasm, providing the public with consumption experience with more fun, convenience, and discounts, so as to achieve the diversification of consumption forms, a leap of consumption quality and expansion of the consumption environment.

International Art Feast Lights Up Urban Space

The 2022 GLOW SHENZHEN is open to the world, inviting renowned experts, curators and artists from domestic and overseas to collaborate and create high-quality light artworks with a forward perspective. At the same time, to ensure its artistic, academic and international influence, the organizing committee has set up the 2022 GLOW SHENZHEN Expert Committee to advise on the development of Shenzhen’s tech-based art industry and to discuss the development of art in urban public space. It is worth mentioning that this year’s GLOW SHENZHEN, has set up a special “Green Channel for Young Artists” for the first time in collaboration with universities to explore new expressions of contemporary young artists on urban space art and promote the integrated development of industry-academia-research in the city.

Each exhibition area of the GLOW SHENZHEN combines local characteristics and advantages to develop different light themes and exhibit light art works with diverse and unique characteristics. The light themes are combined with the characteristics of regional development to create an enjoyable night tour and night shopping life, that can not only enjoy the scenery but also interact, so as to prosper the city’s nighttime economy.

Diverse Thematic Activities Highlight the Charm of the City

The event lasts until February 19, 2023, spanning New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival. During this period, a number of online and offline thematic activities will be held, such as the National Tik Tok Challenge, “Chasing the Flowing Light” Tuchong Image Competition, Public Education Activities and Shenzhen Sightseeing Bus, ets., so as to create diverse and interactive scenarios covering all hours, all ages, all areas and all people. Guide citizens to create their own urban memories through various activities, feel the warmth of the city and enjoy the spark of life.

Online, this year will collaborate with the Tic Tok platform to customize the exclusive topic of “GLOW SHENZHEN 2022″ and launch the ” National Tik Tok Challenge “. Citizens can record creative-themed short videos at various event locations across the city to win traffic on the platform. Offline, this year has also set up the first “Public Education Activities Section”, located in Xiangmi Park, where art instructors can lead students in various art workshops, such as in photography, graphic creation, new media, and other kinds of art workshops, public education, edutainment, enhance public awareness of art. It can also further enhance the citizens’ sense of fulfillment, happiness and life, and continue to promote the city’s charm and vitality.

Outline the Cultural Silhouette of the Global Innovation City

GLOW SHENZHEN adheres to the principle of people-oriented and takes “everyone is the light of the city” as purpose. By using spatial art exhibits to create the flowing light in the city, it creates a unique night cultural landscape with events in parks, squares, blocks, shopping areas, scenic spots and other areas. The lights flash and glow like the breath of the city, giving Shenzhen more dynamic vitality at night, attracting people from all over the city to meet in the unique venues of GLOW SHENZHEN. In the process of finding the flowing light, people are integrated and united, completing each other in co-creation, outlining the humanistic silhouette of Shenzhen, a global innovation city.

When light and shadow become a medium, it can reunite the city with its citizens and brand it with the unique impression of Shenzhen. From December , 2022 to February , 2023, the 2022 Glow Shenzhen will bring us together in Pengcheng to chase and share the flowing light!