SINGAPORE, Jan. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DPA Investment announced today their intention to open a new, state of the art trading office in Europe in 2023.

“Establishing an office in Europe is part of our continuing ambition of opening entities around the world to support our growing global presence,” said James Wei, Chief Financial Officer at DPA Investment.

 “We plan to make the new European office the center of our operations for Europe, UK and the Americas, to keep pace with retail client account growth, which has been rapid in both Europe and Asia.

Over a quarter of new DPA client accounts now come from Europe and Africa, and growth has been robust. As of November 30th, client accounts worldwide had grown 52% from the prior year, with over 80% of the expansion coming from outside of Singapore.

No decision has been made on the location of the new office, but Mr. Wei indicated that the two leading contenders for the new office location are Frankfurt and Paris.

DPA Investment is a privately held investment advisory, asset manager, and private capital investment firm headquartered in Singapore since 2013. DPA Investment is a company that connects both accredited investors and respected fund managers through our bespoke investment products and fund management platforms.

“2023 is looking to be a fantastic year for DPA and its clients. Expansion into Europe and beyond has always been the goal at DPA Investment, and this European endeavor is now going to become reality,” said James.

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