XIAMEN, China, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As a labor group used to be ignored, domestic workers are now more and more respected and recognized by the society. The Aug.6th International Domestic Worker’s Day (IDWD) is a day that pays tribute to domestic service workers all around the world. Founded by HOMEKING in Xiamen, China since 2012, this holiday has now received high recognition from the UN Women and International Labour Organization for its great advocacy, and its influence is gradually expanding from China to international community.

“We are pleased to see that HOMEKING has shown a positive attitude in standardizing working hours of the industry, improving the status of workers and maintaining the rights and interests of workers.”

— The International Labor Organization

“HOMEKING has shown their great concern about women’s economic independence, career promotion and self-development opportunities. We look forward to further cooperation with HOMEKING in women’s rights and interests, to promote the women’s equal rights together.”

— UN Women

The theme of the 12th IDWD is Go for the Light, in addition to a grandiose carnival for over 30,000 domestic workers in different cities, there are also series of high-quality activities happened in Xiamen, China on this day.

“HOME + International Service Design Competition” has attracted world wide participation of 81 design colleges and institutes;

“Service + Product Release”–world-renowned enterprises has launched crossover cooperation with domestic service industry, thus generated more possibilities for the development of domestic service.

On “Service Talk”, Mr.Li Bin, CEO of HOMEKING — a leading domestic service company in China, shared courage-inspiring stories of the domestic service workers, as well as the exploration and practice HOMEKING has made in recent years.

Mr. Li Bin also mentioned that, as a company dedicated to growing together with the whole industry, HOMEKING wants to help more domestic services enterprises by opening its technical development and training facilities to the society.

“For one and for all.” This is the tribute to all domestic workers around the world.