HARBIN, China, Dec. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang Province, has strived to build itself into a city of innovation, by sticking to reform and innovation and stimulating endogenous strength to push for breakthroughs in the full revitalization of northeast China.

The Harbin Technology Trading Market officially launched this month, marking the first of this kind in China’s northeast Heilongjiang Province.

Harbin Fuerjia Technology Co. Ltd. rang the bell went public on August 1st. This young pharmaceutical company has rapidly grown into the first “unicorn” enterprise in Heilongjiang’s bio-economic field. From a little-known local pharmaceutical company to a giant in the skin care industry, Fuerjia’s rapid growth is the epitome of Harbin’s concerted efforts to promote scientific and technological innovation.

In recent years, the Harbin government has improved the scientific and technological innovation system and planned to build four innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems and 37 key construction projects with a total investment of 16.8 billion yuan(about 2.353 billion US dollars). Introducing “30 new policies to attract talents” has made Harbin a promising land for entrepreneurship in the new era. 

Up to now, Harbin has 48 institutions of higher learning, 229 key laboratories at or above the provincial level, 250 engineering technology research centres at all levels, and 1,751 high-tech companies, accelerating the construction of an ecological environment that is “livable, conducive for business, learning, and innovation”, and making every effort to build a regional city of innovation in Northeast China.

Harbin has made significant progress in promoting the deep integration of Industry-University-Research in recent years, with over 3,000 potential enterprise incubators established, and 134 million yuan ( about 18.7 million US dollars) awarded to 745 enterprises. Three batches of 1,436 enterprises have been recommended to participate in declaring high enterprise certification, with 818 enterprises passed the provincial review as first batch.

From government agencies to enterprises and universities, there is a decent social atmosphere of innovation in Harbin, and the society is full of enthusiasm and expectation for innovation on all fronts. On the journey of Chinese modernization, Harbin will anchor continue to form a prosperous business environment by boosting vitality in opening up and cultivating new quality productivity.