SEONGNAM, South Korea, Sept. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AI data company and member of the Born2Global Centre, AIMMO (Oh Seung-Taek, CEO) participated in Cenex-Connected Automated Mobility (Cenex-CAM), held in Millbrook, the UK, from September 7 to 8, to share its core technologies and projects that provide accurate, consistent training data for the development of connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

Hosted by Cenex, the UK’s leader in low-carbon and fuel-cell technology, Cenex-CAM was co-hosted by Cenex-LCV, the UK’s top low-carbon vehicle event. This year, 3,329 attendees, 65 speakers, and 171 companies participated in the exhibition at Cenex-CAM, which was first held in 2019, and various programs, such as extensive seminar programs, networking events, and test runs, were held.

At the event, AIMMO introduced a supercharged MLOps (Machine Learning Operations) solution for autonomous driving. MLOps integrates machine learning system development, data management, and service operation to support stable development. AIMMO operates a specialized team to ensure continuous technical support and customization, thus enabling the production of optimal results for each project.

The participants who visited the AIMMO booth were presented with smart labeling demonstrations and various technology solutions for solving data problems. These solutions reduce manual labeling by up to 90% by automatically processing the data required for the development of CAV solutions. AIMMO also showcased the methods needed for processing training data and shared how AIMMO’s techniques and processes improve the accuracy and consistency of such data.

AIMMO has a system that manages data pools in the field of autonomous driving and smart cities. The company has also developed its own data set using data collection, refining, and processing software, which it provides for the development of the required training data. In particular, AIMMO’s core service, Ground Truth as a Service (GTaaS), receives AI support when processing training data, allowing data annotation to be handled more than five times faster than manual labeling. The process ensures 99.9% annotation accuracy through an embedded quality management system.

AIMMO also participated in Intel Korea’s “Intelligent 5G Edge Summit” event, held on September 1, where it introduced smart labeling services that guarantee work speed, accuracy, and infrastructure for automated data production.

“We were able to discuss with Cenex-CAM participants how to use AIMMO’s technology to carry out ongoing projects faster and more accurately,” said David Marks, head of European sales. “AIMMO is an AI and data company with a focus on R&D and plans to continue leading and expanding in the global AI market based on our worldwide network of branches in the UK, US, Korea, and Japan.”


AIMMO is re-defining how AI can be used and applied to power smart automation. At the heart of AIMMO’s smart automation solution is its proprietary AI-driven approach to the acquisition, curation, labeling, and augmentation of structured, highly accurate training data that is delivered even faster to end users through AIMMO’s automated data operations process.

With its transformative supply and licensing models, AIMMO is leading the global enablement of new smart applications to realize automation efficiency in a wide range of fields from autonomous vehicles to smart cities, industry 4.0, robotics and security services.

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