Vymo’s Net Promoter Score has increased by 19 points as a result of implementing a more user-friendly and intuitive mobile interface that aims to improve productivity bottom-up and optimize sales processes.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vymo, the world’s leading sales engagement platform for financial institutions, reported that it has achieved a high Net Promoter Score of 54, which is a +19 increase since providing an upgraded mobile interface that maximizes productivity and enhances the overall sales process for agents, managers and business leaders. The improvement in user experience is based on the latest quality survey, which is done every quarter.

After analyzing previously collected reviews, Vymo has streamlined its interface, allowing users to view critical information, such as lead engagements & checkpoints, and account health, in a single pane of glass view. This enhancement has helped users reduce switching between various systems for information, with everything available via a single window.

In addition, the platform’s intelligence layer that guides users proactively towards successful sales outcomes has also been optimized to provide a highly engaging experience to the end user. Agents are guided towards converting a lead through reminders, alerts, next best actions, and best practices, powered by Vymo Nudge engine.

More about Vymo’s Improved Nudge Engine

Vymo’s intelligence engine is built on the premise that activities drive outcomes. A Nudge is a prompt to an action. It could be an alert, a reminder, or a product recommendation. Through a Nudge, Vymo can surface the right insights to the right users at the right time. This drives positive behavioral shifts in users, leading to a greater occurrence of best actions and, therefore, an improvement in sales metrics

A few ways in which the new, optimized nudge delivery mechanism solves user problems are:

  • Reminders make sure users don’t miss any scheduled calls/meetings;
  • Alerts ensure that users are able to pre-empt escalations and avoid missing deadlines to close targets on time to stay on top of their game. Also, sales managers are able to complete their planned tasks on time, track team progress, track business anomalies, and intervene at the right time to coach their teams to success;
  • Announcements help sales reps and managers stay on top of important updates,
  • Suggestions optimize users’ time well by surfacing relevant next-best-actions at the right time.

Vymo generates over three million nudges every month to help users achieve their goals and business targets efficiently and engage with buyers & partners effectively.

“Vymo’s user interface is designed for simplicity and is useful to stay on top of pending customer interactions. It reminds me about upcoming sales engagements and tells me everything I need to know about the customer. It’s like a digital personal diary,” says a senior Relationship Manager at one of the world’s largest financial service institutions.

Yamini Bhat, CEO of Vymo, said, “Customer obsession defines what we do at Vymo. We dive deep to understand the challenges our customer is facing and try to solve them like no one else can. Understanding what our customers need and relaying this information back into the product to enhance it is vital to our growth journey. Hence a customer satisfaction score like NPS is a key performance indicator for us.” 

Earlier this year, Vymo achieved a Leader ranking in the Financial Services CRM category on G2, and is recognized among notable vendors by Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, in ‘The Financial Services CRM Landscape, Q2 2023’ report.

About Vymo

Vymo (www.vymo.com) is the Sales Engagement Platform of choice for 350,000 salespeople across 65+ Global Financial Institutions such as AIA, Berkshire Hathaway, Generali, AXA, Sunlife, and HDFC Bank. The platform drives productivity bottom-up through nudges and interventions across the customer lifecycle.

Gartner recognizes Vymo as a Representative Vendor in the Sales Engagement Market Guide.

Vymo has raised over $45M in funding from Sequoia Capital, Emergence Capital, and Bertelsmann India Investments and is also a winner of CB Insights’ Demo Day and Microsoft’s ‘AI for All’ awards.

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