MELBOURNE, Australia, April 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —  Fat Tail Investment Research, a leading financial publishing company, announced today the launch of its newest product, Fat Tail Commodities, a free e-letter that delivers direct analysis on the Australian commodities sector from a team of experts, straight to the inbox of subscribers four days a week.

With demand for critical materials set to soar as countries gear up for net zero, there has never been a more opportune time to launch Fat Tail Commodities, a newsletter that is uniquely focused on the Australian commodities sector for retail investors.

The team behind the e-letter include lead Editor James Cooper, a geologist and mining investment expert; along with Brian Chu, a professional gold investor and founder of the Australian Gold Fund, a gold stock-focused private fund; and Selva Freigedo, a commodities analyst with a focus on the ongoing energy transition.

James Cooper is well known in the industry, having worked across the spectrum from the big mining conglomerates to leading small teams for upstart explorers. His paid newsletter, Diggers and Drillers, has received widespread acclaim from subscribers. One such subscriber said:

James Cooper is brilliant. I love his knowledge, style and writing technique. He doesn’t try to sell you just a product. He is in my corner, looking after me.” – Sean, NSW

Another subscriber said:

James combines an intimate knowledge and understanding of the exploration and mining industry which he is able to convey to the uninformed through a clear, logical and readily readable writing style. I look forward to the continued sharing of his expertise and direction in choosing where best to invest in this sector.” – P.P. Northern NSW

Fat Tail Commodities offers subscribers unique insights into the commodities sector, including valuable analysis of specific commodities, emerging trends, and timely opportunities. The newsletter also provides regular updates on the market, ensuring that subscribers stay informed on the latest developments that could impact their personal investments.

James Woodburn, Publisher of Fat Tail Investment Research, stated:

At Fat Tail Investment Research, we are committed to delivering high-quality financial research to our subscribers. Our team of experts is among the best in the industry, and we are confident that Fat Tail Commodities will provide retail investors with insights on the sector to make better investment decisions.

Fat Tail Commodities is the latest addition to Fat Tail Investment Research’s suite of financial products, which includes Diggers and Drillers, Australian Small-Cap Investigator, and Retirement Trader.

To sign up for Fat Tail Commodities and start receiving expert analysis on the Australian commodities sector directly to your inbox, visit the Fat Tail Commodities website at

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