SHANGHAI, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This month, Faces We Love Shanghai by Derek Muhs and Marisa Tarin officially became a #1 best seller on Amazon. The book had its global release on April 12, 2022 and is jointly published by City Point Press and Human Touch Media and distributed by Simon & Schuster.

Faces We Love Shanghai is described on Amazon as “a collection of 100 photographs captured by a team of passionate photographers, that takes you on a journey through the city’s narrow alleyways and secluded backstreets. Each photograph reveals an untold story, showcasing the beauty and joy behind the everyday moments of people that are often overlooked.”

This critically acclaimed, 5 star rated photography book was described in The New York Times as a “photographic journey starring the people of Shanghai“.

Co-author Derek Muhs commented, “This collection of photographic memories was everyday life for 13 years. Shanghai was home. It’s very gratifying that so many people have connected with this book”.

International newspaper China Daily published the article “Framing the Soul of a City” and described the 240-page coffee table book as, “capturing the essence of a remarkable place”.

Faces We Love Shanghai has been hailed on Good Reads, the world’s largest site for book recommendations, as a collection that shows “unbiased appreciation for Shanghai’s people and culture” and has inspired travellers, writers, and photographers to “explore this gorgeous city” for themselves.

Faces We Love Shanghai is available on Amazon and in all major bookstores as a hardcover book, and the eBook is available on all major online digital platforms.

About Faces We Love

Faces We Love Shanghai was co-published with City Point Press and is distributed globally by Simon & Schuster. Faces We Love (FWL) is a subsidiary of Human Touch Media which has produced the first edition of what will be a series of photography books and collections. Faces We Love publishes photographs from around the world from their international group of contributors.

About Human Touch Media

Human Touch Media is a privately owned media company established in 2017 that brings together photographers and videographers to produce books and documentaries. Human Touch Media also funds selected non-profit projects via the Human Touch Media Foundation.

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