BEIJING, Oct. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A group of young people, six Indonesian and six Chinese, visited representative enterprises of China Energy from September 22 to 26 as part of the “We Are Together: Silk Road Youth’s China Energy Tour” organized by the company. The young delegation learnt about these enterprises’ achievements in areas such as digital transformation, sci-tech innovation, and development of green and clean energies, and held a roundtable dialogue of in-depth discussions, building a bridge for the friendly communication and exchanges between Chinese and Indonesian youths.

Indonesian and Chinese youths participated in the roundtable dialogue
Indonesian and Chinese youths participated in the roundtable dialogue

During the five-day trip, young representatives from both countries visited Beijing Guoneng Gas-fired Cogeneration Power Plant, where they learnt about its fully intelligent, high-reliability operation and maintenance processes, and the green power generation technology featuring ultra-low emissions of dust, SOx, NOx, and CO2. They went to Hangjin Energy Co., Ltd., where they observed the automatic, intelligent coal mining process at a coal mine, and visited a CCUS (post-combustion CO2 capture, sequestration and utilization) demonstration project that develops a new-generation technology that captures CO2 from the flue gas with independent IPR. The captured CO2 can then be injected underground for oil recovery or sold to nearby chemical plants for production. They went to the Skyway Chongli Wind Farm, where they found out how new energy technology helped achieve a carbon-neutral Beijing Olympic Winter Games in 2022, and observed how the HICMS (holographic integrated condition monitoring system) monitors the wind turbine blades, tower barrel and foundation. They came to the Huanghua Port, the world’s first dry bulk port realizing full-process intelligent operation, which impressed the Indonesian guests deeply with its efficient, intelligent, and clean production. They also visited the Cangdong Power Plant, where the seawater desalination demonstration project that processes seawater to be potable amazed the Indonesian youths.

The youths from both countries had a roundtable dialogue in Beijing on September 26, at which they talked about their visits to China Energy and a number of other topics including energy digitalization, technological innovation, ecological progress, new energy development, and cultural blending between China and Indonesia. They agreed that the extensive cooperation between the two countries in such areas as energy development, application of new technology, and green and low-carbon development has offered more opportunities for the growth of young people. Youths from both countries work together in sci-tech innovation, technological transformation, and industrial upgrading, through which they come to understand each other better and jointly promote cultural exchange and mutual learning between the two countries.

China Energy announced the establishment of an Indonesian branch of the China Energy Young Makers Alliance during the roundtable dialogue. The alliance is aimed to cultivate young, innovative talent, and the formation of the Indonesian branch will provide a platform for Indonesian youths to enhance their expertise and skills and become more innovative and efficient.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. In the past ten years, China Energy has made consistent efforts to align the China-proposed BRI with Indonesia’s Global Maritime Fulcrum strategy by investing in and building three safe, eco-friendly, clean and efficient power plants, ensuring stable power supply in the local areas and acting out the vision for building the ChinaIndonesia community of shared future. China Energy plans to turn the “We Are Together” cultural program into a regular platform for promoting the communication, mutual learning and friendship between Chinese and Indonesian youths.

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