JAKARTA, Indonesia, June 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Persero Tbk. (IDX: BBRI) has been recognized as the top-ranked company among Indonesian enterprises in Forbes Global 2000 of 2023. The economic magazine lists the world’s 2,000 largest public companies based on sales, profit, assets, and market value. BRI’s remarkable international standing is highlighted by its impressive rank of 307, reflecting a significant improvement from last year’s position of 349.

BRI Takes the Lead as Indonesia's Largest Company in Forbes Global 2000
BRI Takes the Lead as Indonesia’s Largest Company in Forbes Global 2000

BRI’s President Director, Sunarso, emphasized “This is a significant accomplishment, especially amidst global economic uncertainties. BRI has been able to uphold its positive performance by supporting the MSME segment, while being a strategic partner to the government in national economic recovery programs. Therefore, it is only fitting to dedicate this achievement to BRI customers, BRILian individuals and BRI employees.”

BRI has achieved this milestone across four key evaluation indicators. The company recorded an annual profit of USD 3.45 billion or IDR 51.4 trillion, showcasing a strong Year-on-Year (YoY) growth. BRI’s assets also saw remarkable expansion, reaching USD 119.84 billion or IDR 1,865.64 trillion, marking an 11.18% YoY growth. Additionally, the company’s sales reached USD 13.16 billion or approximately IDR 195.8 trillion, while its market value soared to USD 53.79 billion or IDR 799.2 trillion.

Other factors Forbes used for the ranking include the timeliness of data collection, company reporting policies, country-specific reporting policies, and the time gap between when the company’s financial data release and Forbes’ database verification.

The Global 2000 list includes companies from 58 countries, led by the United States with 611 companies, followed by China with 346 companies. The listed companies collectively generated sales of USD 50.8 trillion, profits of USD 4.4 trillion, assets totaling USD 231 trillion, and a market value of USD 74 trillion. Despite a slight decline in cumulative profits, assets, and market value compared to the previous year, this is the first time that total revenue surpasses USD 50 trillion.

“We have successfully maintained our leading position in Indonesia and achieved an elevated international ranking, showcasing the growing recognition of state-owned enterprises worldwide. As we move ahead, our commitment remains steadfast in creating value, both economically and socially, for the entire Indonesian society,” concluded Sunarso.

Information about Bank BRI can be accessed at www.bri.co.id.