XIAMEN, China, Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — October 26th, 2023, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Ltd. (Nasdaq: BHAT), a Nasdaq listed company, signed a framework agreement with Macau Rongxin Precious Metals Technology Ltd., to purchase 1000 kilograms of gold.

Mr. Weicheng Pan, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at BHAT said “This represents a major step forward in the jewelry (gems, semi-precious stones, precious stones, jade etc.) and bulk commodity gold business for the company.” He went on to emphasize that gold is an excellent financial tool to hedge against inflation, geopolitical turmoil, and macroeconomic uncertainty, as gold reduces the yield risk. Gold also helps steady revenue growth. “Going forward, gold will become a vital aspect of BHAT’s current commodity trade business.”

CONTACT: Deanna Liudeannaliu@bluehatgroup.net