GUIYANG, China, Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A large harvest has been achieved in Guizhou Province, southwest China thanks to hardworking agricultural technicians. Their efforts have paid off. Since the start of this year, agricultural technicians have been encouraged to innovate and start businesses in rural areas.

Almost 10,000 have demonstrated grain and oil production techniques at the grassroots level and aided in reaching production goals, according to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guizhou Province.

These technicians trained nearby farmers in rice and corn growing techniques that increase yield. Their instruction led to a record high in grain harvests across numerous regions in Guizhou Province, providing a dependable technical support for agriculture.

Guizhou aims to cultivate 41.7 million mu (approximately 2.78 million hectares) of grain and yield 11.2 million tons of grain this year, completing planting tasks as planned.

Under the guidance of Zeng Tao, the high-yield rice fields of the 100 mu demonstration saw an average yield of 857.53 kg per mu for both Chen Zhixing’s and Wu Daxiu’s teams. The highest dry grain yield was 918.88 kg per mu.

On September 26th, the average yield of the 1,000 mu high-yield rice demonstration fields was measured in Maoba Village, Shiban Town, Bozhou District of Zunyi City. It reached 643.07 kg per mu, surpassing the local average yield.

In Xiaojia Village, Baiyun Town of Pingba District, Agricultural Technician Zhang Qingjiang provided a demonstration service to cultivate 500 mu of rice, and also took charge of the project to cultivate 120 mu of rice by ordinary blanket seedling and mechanised cultivation. Following acceptance testing on September 28th, the average yield in the demonstration area reached 553 kg per mu. This signifies an increase of almost 60 kg compared to the previous three-year average.

On September 15, Wang Lixin’s team tested the production of 100 mu of corn field in Bijie City. Local experts chose three lands at random. The field produced an average of 912.56 kg per mu, which exceeded the previous target goal by 14%.

Through the “Helping to achieve production targets” and “Providing agricultural services” initiative, agricultural technicians have transformed the experts’ demo fields into farmers’ fields by providing agricultural services that help achieve production goals. They have also improved high-yield plant varieties to high-yield and high-quality varieties. Furthermore, the experts’ unified management has shifted to scientific management for farmers.

The latest and most helpful technologies are taken to the forefront, enabling farmers to comprehend them, become skilled in their use, put them into practice, in order to conquer farming challenges, prevent crop and pest disaster, and safeguard the food supply of Guizhou province.