Sanandan Sudhir (SS): There is an issue concerning the industry’s high churn rate, especially for skilled staff like chefs. They often leave after learning new skills.

    • In developed countries, cooks are expensive. To save costs, many restaurants hire a skilled cook to prepare a large amount of food once or twice a week, which is then frozen and reheated for daily service. This process reduces predictability and control, leading to lower-quality food.
    • More and more consumers are becoming technology savvy and they understand the options that they have available in terms of their choices for eating dining out and ordering stuff. Consumers are also becoming more and more health conscious and this can be seen in the choices that they make about what they want to eat. Healthy food choices are trending and people are willing to pay a premium for something that is deemed safe and healthy for consumption to prolong life.
    • Also, there is a renewed interest in the long lost recipes, and people are looking at more authentic foods when they dine out. This trend is more visible in South India as consumers are deeply rooted in their culture and family history.
    • Internationally the world has already moved from ready-to-eat meals to ready-to-cook meals. This trend is picking up in India as well.

Food tech entrepreneur Sanandan Sudhir demonstrating his automated combination cooker.