Adopting a scalable mobile ordering platform has enabled the quick service restaurant serve meals even faster, while reducing storefront queues.

Here in South-east Asia, fried rice is a comfort food that we can order for delivery at our convenience.

Mobile and online ordering has become a common offering by food outlets, and one such chain in Singapore is riding on that necessity despite having 31 outlets on a tiny city state.

The chain thrives on its modern approach to traditional Asian stir-fry staples with a customizable, cook-to-order menu using high quality ingredients served hot and fast. As part of its strategy to stay relevant, WOK HEY (meaning smoky tasting, expertly-fried food) has digitalized operations to offer mobile ordering, onsite e-payment, and ‘order-now, pay ahead for later pickup’ at any outlet of choice.

The new system reduces queues at the storefront and notifies customers via SMS when their orders are ready for pickup.   

The new mobile ordering platform has also improved back-end operational efficiencies and productivity: staff at the various outlets can focus on order preparation, resulting in faster turnaround for each customized order. Since launching in May this year, the mobile ordering platform’s take-up rate has grown by 20% to 30% each month. 

Fast food, fast service

According to Jake Chia, the firm’s co-founder: “When we rolled out our mobile platform, we expected initial resistance as customers are creatures of habit. However, we believed offering a convenient, secure and more seamless system will win them over. We deployed service ambassadors to help customers through the ordering flow, and made gradual improvements based on customer feedback, such as integrating SMS notifications. Customers are starting to see the value this new system brings, and the take-up rate has been increasing each month.”

The payment platform chosen, Adyen, offered the ability to provide a scalable, fast and seamless payment experience. “This gave us the ability to easily integrate e-wallets along with Visa and Mastercard, and room to add more. The shorter payout period was also an added bonus. This opens up possibilities for rolling out loyalty and other personalized programs in the future,” Chia added.

Said Priyanka Gargav, Head of Commercial (Southeast & Hong Kong), Adyen: “It’s a bold move by a brand operating in this very traditional sector, yet this fits WOK HEY’s modern take on Asian stir-fry staples very well.”