As global travel resumes, its resorts in Thailand and the Maldives will have moved to the Cloud, ready for future contingencies.

With four properties operating in Thailand and the Maldives, luxury resort firm Soneva has plans to turn its finance operations fully remote through leveraging the right technology tools and systems. This is to ensure that the firm is better prepared and well-positioned to stay ahead of changes in the fast-evolving business and industry environment.

According to the firm’s Corporate Director of Finance,Quentin Morice: “As travel steadily restarts and we continue to expand our operations and reach across the globe… we look forward to simplifying and automating our accounting and finance workflows, and harness real-time actionable insights that will empower the business and allow us to achieve sustainable growth in the long-term.”

To digitally transform its finance operations and capabilities, the firm is partnering with Workday to realize business strategy and goals, pivot digitally to tap growth opportunities, and gain greater agility and efficiency in today’s cloud-first operating environment.

Through the partnership, Soneva will fully transition its finance operations to the Cloud, enabling the business to boost efficiency and make the right decisions with actionable insights to mitigate uncertainty amid a dynamic business landscape.

With the power of intelligent automation and augmented analytics, the firm expects to largely eradicate manual, tedious processes, and instead focus time and resources on strategic value-adding tasks such as data analysis and smarter, insight-driven business decisions.

Said Sandeep Sharma, President (Asia), Workday: “Amid the uncertainties of tomorrow, one thing is for certain: technology remains a key imperative for success, and forward-looking organizations need to ride on the digital disruption wave to stay relevant and accelerate their growth. We are delighted to be supporting Soneva in realizing its finance digital transformation goals, as the brand positions itself for future growth and expansion globally.”