TechInnovation 2023, IPI’s flagship event, returns for an eleventh edition as Asia’s premier technology-matching platform.

With technology at the heart of the event, TechInnovation 2023 seeks to connect industry leaders, entrepreneurial innovators, technology seekers and providers to discover new technologies, explore technology commercialisation and collaborate within the global innovation ecosystem.

In 2023, TechInnovation dives into exciting topics like making our planet healthier, preserving our well-being, and applying artificial intelligence to healthcare matters. Themed Sustainable Urban Living, TechInnovation’s exhibition and conference will feature over a hundred groundbreaking technologies that will shape a future that is sustainable and health-focused.

Some of the featured innovations include:

    1. Matex: Synbiotics Cleaning Solution

      Matex has created an eco-friendly, long-lasting cleaning solution used in some Singapore hospitals by combining a cleaning agent with prebiotics and probiotics (healthy food). They’ve also designed a remote spectrometer, a tool for identifying chemicals in things, which is handy in electronics manufacturing and other industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, smart home devices, and food production.

    2. HY M&E and IES Ltd: Transforming Building Sustainability

      Two pioneering companies, HY M&E and IES Ltd, have created super-smart technology enabling buildings to consume net-zero energy. HY M&E essentially creates a digital twin building to promote eco-friendliness, while IES Ltd has developed software for designing buildings that prioritise decarbonisation, ensuring they have minimal environmental impact by conserving energy.

    3. SunGreenH2: Pioneering Green Hydrogen Production

      SunGreenH2 has developed special electrolyser materials that enhance green hydrogen production efficiency. Green hydrogen can be used to produce eco-friendly fuel for cars and cost-effective electricity for homes. Customers using their products recently showcased a highly efficient AEM electrolyser in Germany and have also conducted tests on their electrodes, confirming their reliability.

    4. Nanolumi: Advancing Medicine and Imaging

      Nanolumi has developed tiny nanoparticles to help biomedical practitioners deliver medicine/drugs to the targeted parts of our body to make us feel better. When used in imaging, these particles help doctors to see more clearly into our bodies, which helps determine the right treatment when we are not feeling well. The nanoparticles are customisable to meet certain functionalities, are brighter and elicit faster response time against commercially available bio-imaging particles.

In addition, 14 Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) from the region are joining to share their latest research and development efforts. These include AI-based technology for pose estimation without physical markers, enhancing safety in settings like children’s centres, swimming pools, and public transport by detecting unusual behaviour in surveillance videos. There’s also innovation in solar cells that support plant growth and power generation, suitable for installation on building windows.

Mr. Wong Lup Wai, CEO of IPI, commented: “TechInnovation 2023 will showcase the latest high-tech inventions that can usher in a more sustainable and eco-friendly world, safeguarding our well-being for future generations. Building on the success of IPI’s Innovation Marketplace, TechInnovation invites tech seekers to discover innovative solutions and provides a platform for innovators to showcase their groundbreaking technologies, sparking partnerships and collaborations that will drive positive change.”

Mr. Ted Tan, Chairman of IPI, added: “In our rapidly changing world, we need innovators who can be heroes in both eco and healthcare sectors, improving our cities and the well-being of people. Through TechInnovation, we are giving special recognition to these remarkable minds as they work tirelessly to address critical needs in the market with their marvellous ideas. In doing so, they are contributing to a greener, healthier, and better world for all, here in Singapore and beyond.”

TechInnovation 2023 was held at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands, from 31 October to 2 November 2023, with an estimated attendance of more than 5,000 delegates are from across the world, from captains of industry to startups.