Key APAC findings

Defining China, Japan, India and South Korea as the region representing APAC’s top manufacturing countries, the following findings were gleaned from respondents’ feedback:

  • AI/ML, Smart Manufacturing
    • 48% APAC respondents were investing in increased automation; 44% were introducing AI or ML technologies
    • 69% planned to adopt smart manufacturing within the next six to 11 months: 56% higher than a similar survey for 2023
    • 43% cited improved quality as the number one expectation from existing smart manufacturing technology
  • Sustainability/ESG
    • 91% of APAC respondents cited having some form of formal ESG policy: 53% had a company-broad policy; 38% had related policies limited to specific locations
    • 36% were looking to adopt technology for tracking/quantifying sustainable practices
  • People
    • 40% of respondents from the APAC cohort cited adding/using technology to create more engaging jobs
    • 35% were looking to upskill existing talent
    • 27% cited a lack of skilled workers as one of their biggest concerns alongside speed (28%) and the ability to use data to make decisions (25%)