Based on aggregated data from a human resources platform’s business network across more than 160 countries and over 500,000 data points from third-party sources as of December 2022, data (which was declared as “more representative of tech and remote hiring trends” and that it did “not yet evenly capture contracts across all industries) suggests that the growth in international hiring in APAC was among the highest in the world last year.

In that data, Australia, Singapore, and India were the top three APAC countries with the greatest penchant for hiring international talent. The top three roles that APAC organizations were hiring for were those in software engineering, sales, and product development.

Other rankings for the region include:

Top three fastest-growing countries by organizations’ rate of hiring:

  • Australia 
  • Hong Kong 
  • India 

Top three fastest-growing countries by number of workers being hired:

  • Thailand
  • Uzbekistan 
  • Kyrgyzstan 

Top three countries by number of workers being hired: 

  • Philippines 
  • India 
  • Pakistan 

Job groups that saw salary gains in 2022: 

  • Operations 
  • Customer Support 

Top countries where workers saw the biggest average salary gains in 2022:

  • Taiwan 
  • Thailand 
  • Korea

At the global level, Mexico, Netherlands, US, Nigeria, and Argentina saw the greatest declines in new worker salaries, with accounting, customer support, consulting, product development and design roles seeing the biggest salary decreases. In APAC, workers from Taiwan, Thailand and Korea saw the largest average salary gains in 2022, with roles in operations and customer support receiving the biggest salary increases, as far as the data set used was concerned.         

Toward the end of 2022, the data reflected that terminations had increased compared to the beginning of the year, accounting for a 14% increase. Workers in the UK, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and the USA, as well as workers in software, product, and marketing roles, saw the greatest percentage increase in terminations throughout the 2022 data set.

According to Samuel Dahan, Chair, Deel Lab, which compiled the report on global hiring: “What stands out in this (report) is that the global worker model has become the preferred option for many organizations in uncertain economic times. More interestingly, we note fascinating patterns, such as the US becoming the hottest market to hire global workers.”