Having outgrown its NoSQL database, the cloud-based point-of-sale platform itself was in need of a better DBaaS solution with edge capabilities.

When a cloud-based point of sale (POS) platform faced workloads that were growing faster than expected, the database it had in place was running out of steam.

Applications were beginning to scale faster than the NoSQL database was capable of handling, leading to a siloed platform and making it difficult to innovate. Plus, the firm encountered challenges that led to uptime issues, which hindered the user experience for its customers and their end users.

According to Vigyan Kaushik, co-founder and CEO, Quantic: “The database could not scale at the enterprise level, and managing all of the resultant bottlenecks was placing a huge strain on developers,. “Building a database in-house to support our needs was out of the question because of the required costs, time and talent.”

What the firm needed was a new cloud database platform that was capable of keeping up with its growing customer base and incremental product enhancements. After a competitive evaluation, Kaushik selected a solution hosted on AWS for performance, scalability, developer familiarity and ease of use.

As most of firm’s customers rely on real-time data, the introduction of Couchbase Database-as-a-Service solution with unique edge abilities allows the firm’s teams to reliably run applications and provide instant updates and a seamless end-user experience.

Also, customers’ applications are able to remain synced even during internet outages, while developer teams now have access to a tool set that allows them to innovate quickly, benefit from increased productivity and greater agility, while also making an immediate, significant impact on indexing and developer workloads.

Couchbase’s CTO, Ravi Mayuram, said that the performance, scale and flexibility of a modern database empowers firms like Quantic to develop services quickly in the cloud. “Coupling that with the offline sync and our embedded edge database in POS smart devices, Quantic can now deliver new solutions customized to the verticals they serve.”