Insurance customers there will gain access to a medical network of over 23,000 doctors across eight countries in Asia.

China’s insurance technology firm Kaitaiming Technology (KTM), which melds information technology, big data, and AI to create a platform for the country’s insurance industry, has partnered with a company calling itself ‘the world’s first patient intelligence company’ to offer policy holders access to doctors and specialists in Asia.

Under the agreement, KTM will integrate Singapore-based DocDoc Pte. Ltd’s ‘doctor discovery’ service into their insurance agent application. Through this partnership, policyholders of KTM’s insurance partners will gain access to a medically-trained concierge team that leverages DocDoc’s AI-powered to match policyholders to the right doctors in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

The technology’s unique selling point involves processing each participating doctor’s skills and practice profiles with fine granularity, and then using predictive analytics to find a best match between a practitioner’s expertise and policyholders’ unique needs. This has the potential to vastly improve the healthcare journey by significantly reducing medical care costs, risks of medical complications and re-admission rates.

Wang Hui, Founder and Chairman of Kaitaiming, commented: “COVID-19 has highlighted to us the importance of having the right support system in place so policyholders can find the right care wherever they are, and whenever they need it. With its healthcare network spanning over 23,000 doctors across Asia and a unique approach to identifying the right care for each policyholder, DocDoc stood out as the partner of choice to us for doctor discovery services.”

According to Wang Hui, prior to this partnership, traditional medical services could not meet many customer demands, but with this new approach both companies can “open up new prospects together and advance in (their) respective fields.”

DocDoc Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Cole Sirucek said his service is “ideally suited to serve China’s massive unmet need for consumers looking for high quality affordable care. This partnership has the potential to impact the entire ecosystem.”