It plans to use analytics and cloud-based data management to keep its 20,000 employees across 18 countries satisfied and energized.

Can digital transformation be complete without taking employee experience into account?

One global trading conglomerate in Malaysia believes that the two forces are tied inextricably together. To walk the talk, Sim Darby Berhad, which has interests in industrialization, healthcare, insurance, motoring and logistics, has announced a program to leverage analytics and other technologies in its HR functions.

According to the firm’s Group Chief HR Officer, Roselaini Faiz: “Sime Darby Berhad is excited to embark on this journey to revitalize our human capital systems with a phased approach that strives for greater employee experience. (We) believe a positively engaged workforce boosts productivity, reduces turnover, strengthens internal company culture and increases customer satisfaction.”

In line with this approach, the firm aspires to streamline and harmonize its human resource processes to leverage on analytics and to involve employees actively, in achieving organizational goals. “Our aim at the end of this journey is to connect with and leverage on our 20,000 strong employees across 18 countries and to accommodate future expansion plans, in our efforts to meet the Group’s aspirations,” Faiz noted.

The new HR transformation project is expected to be completed by mid-2023, and will involve a partnership with technology firm Workday in support of the firm’s regional growth strategy and goal to accelerate its digital transformation journey.

Workday Asia’s President Sandeep Sharma commented: “In a fast-changing world, business leaders must get the most value out of their data to address challenges and be prepared to seize new opportunities. Having a single source for all staff data and insights can empower everyone in the organization to make more agile, informed decisions, and to create an enabling experience for employees. Doing so will take the business and workforce into the future.”