The last thing gamers want is wasting precious gaming time paying for international stuff; small merchants also benefit from direct e-payments. online gaming

A Malaysia-based international digital goods e-commerce and online gaming platform currently serves over 11m active customers around the world with an offering of more than 10,000 digital goods in its platform’s various marketplaces from offices in Malaysia, China, Thailand and Indonesia.

With the gaming industry flourishing, SEA Gamer Mall (SEAGM) is continually seeking ways to keep up with the growing needs of its global users. One way to spur growth and boost customer experience is to boost the speed and ease of paying (and receiving payments) for the ever-growing volumes of goods and services more securely.

In this aspect, the platform’s latest move is to tap into a global digital payments platform in order to enable direct payments to small- and medium-sized enterprises from its partners in India, the Netherlands, China, Turkey, South Africa and other locations that trade in its marketplace ecosystem.

According to the firm’s co-founder and CEO Tommy Chieng, such a partnership would “give us a kick-start towards our goal—expanding our online gaming marketplace’s community and reach. Not only will our platform be available to (customers), but they will also benefit from and experience efficient and secure payment services without having to worry about the distance.”

Said Nagesh Devata, Senior Vice President (APAC), Payoneer, the chosen payment vendor: “Global access to movies, games, and music is enabled by digital marketplaces like SEAGM, and by leveraging Payoneer’s technology and expertise to enhance (its) payments capabilities, buyers can now pay directly into sellers’ local bank accounts for the digital goods offered on SEAGM.”