By tapping on cloud computing to modernize its well-defined data strategy, Nitori Group expects to scale new heights in growth

With a well-defined data management strategy already established to support its unique business model that integrates product planning, manufacturing, distribution, and sales, one of Japan’s largest furniture and home-furnishing retail chain was able to modernize its data environment via cloud computing in just two weeks.

To support the scale and scope of their business expansion, and to enable the rapid development of data integration processes between systems, Nitori Group has been aggressively investing in cloud-native technologies such as micro services and containerization to promote the use of cloud computing for greater productivity, quality control, scale, adaptability and agility.

This data management modernization involves the firm’s supply systems, including services and data that serve as customer contact points (such as store sales, e-commerce sites, and mobile applications), as well as provide data as microservices in the Cloud. In addition, a cloud data warehouse will be built on Google Cloud BigQuery as the foundation for data analysis, with Talend providing the data aggregation mechanism.

The latter firm will supply a unified data management platform for the Group to handle the entire data lifecycle end-to-end, to boost data agility and trust, enable healthy data workflows, and instill a shared data culture across the firm via enhanced visibility and verification.

According to spokesperson in the Accounting Management Analysis Team, Information System Innovation Office, a complex integration exercise involving multiple databases and internal data structure changes to support an acquisition project, was completed in about two weeks, demonstrating the cloud-data strategy’s benefits that support the firm’s continual business expansion.

Talend’s Regional Sales Director, Japan, Gen Watanabe, noted: “Companies moving to the cloud require a modern data architecture in order to continually optimize and create a healthy data environment. Nitori has a well-defined data management strategy that will drive their cloud modernization efforts faster and more successfully [without compromising flexibility or scalability].”