The personalized preventive care program involves cloud-connected wearables and data-driven medical interventions, guidance and self-monitoring to promote healthy lifestyles.

In line with the “Healthy Indonesia” blueprint and vision to encourage the public to adopt healthy lifestyles and take preventive measures against chronic diseases, Indonesia’s state-owned enterprise Bio Farma has launched a pilot program — the country’s first personalized digital wellness and health platform.

Currently involving 300 early adopters who have each received a Fitbit smart watch with which to measure and synchronize health monitoring data with a web and mobile dashboard provided by medtech firm ConnectedLife, the program uses data to generate a ‘wellness score’ along with personalized insights, recommendations, and gamified experiences that motivate participants to initiate meaningful and sustained behavioral change.

Furthermore, the collected data can be integrated with clinical data from other connected medical devices during health screenings, to allow professionals to offer targeted interventions and guidance to participants of the platform to achieve better health.

Data-driven chronic disease prevention

Once the pilot is complete, the program can be extended to a nationwide network of 450 clinics, 1,200 pharmacies and commercial partners which will in turn administer the initiative to patients and employees within six to nine months.

According to Dr Soleh Ayubi, Chief Transformation and Digital Officer, Bio Farma: “Through the Preventive Care Medwell initiative, we are now harnessing world-class technologies and data science expertise to advance personalized preventive care at scale. By utilizing wearable technology, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity and AI, we hope to empower Indonesians to take control of their health, adopt a lifestyle that prevents chronic and severe diseases, and age gracefully with enhanced quality of life.”

Said Pahala Mansury, Vice Minister, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises: “The systemic shift from traditional hospital-centric care to patient-centered preventive care is a big challenge, but the right one to undertake. In addition to driving positive lifestyle changes in individuals, platform data from the Preventive Care Medwell initiative will serve as a key resource for insights that inform future programs, such as precision public health that delivers interventions to the right population at the right time. This will ease the burden on families and hospitals, and ensure that our country’s healthcare system and fiscal position remain sustainable in the long term.”

To ensure privacy and cybersecurity, the platform runs on Google Cloud and implements rigorous security controls, data governance, and enhanced data protection. According to the cloud vendor’s local Country Director Megawaty Khie: “We are confident that the combination of devices, software, and personalized services—along with robust accountability for data acquisition, privacy, and protection—can bring meaning to health information, motivate Indonesians to take proactive steps toward preventive health, and enable local healthcare providers to deliver efficient and high-quality care.”