Singapore scalp clinic DrScalp is using AI to guide the diagnosis and hyper-personalized treatment of six scalp-related conditions with advanced biotechnology solutions.

By now, consumers have probably grown accustomed to technology-enriched skin-care retail experiences where they can try-on endless shades of lipstick colors and foundation shades virtually, or touch-free “smart mirrors” that instantly measure the condition of an individual’s skin and guide her in choosing the appropriate product range(s).

Now, a scalp-care firm in Singapore has turned to AI-driven technology to diagnose scalp problems — with a claimed 99% accuracy rate.

Following over 30,000 trials conducted by global scientists from a Silicon Valley research lab, an advanced AI algorithm has been developed to analyze scalp conditions to predict the effectiveness of a range of treatments over a period ranging from three to 12 months.

The AI also takes an active role in monitoring the end-to-end progress of each individual’s treatment journey to ensure the “highest level of efficacy” in six medial conditions: hair loss and regrowth; Seborrheic Dermatitis (dandruff); oily scalp, color-damaged hair, sensitive scalp, and greying hair. 

By formulating complex algorithms and leverage deep learning capabilities, the AI scalp treatment program is touted to monitor hair density, oil concentration and melanin levels during personalized treatment plans incorporating biomedicine and nanotechnology. Their website also describes the use of “bio-nano cell therapy” to produce guaranteed results.

AI technology is used to analyze scans of the scalp

According to Arich Tan, Founder and Group CEO, A Wellness Holdings (AWHL), owner of DrScalp: “Our team of experts, who have a combined experience of over 40 years, are dedicated to developing solutions that will push the boundaries of beauty and science,” adding that the firm’s extensive research and analyzes are aimed at “pushing the boundaries of the wellness industry and exploring what can be made possible with the new advancements of AI technologies.”

With plans to expand its reach across Asia and beyond, Tan continues to collaborate with local and international partners, as well as experts in the field.