Harnessing the latest VMware app modernization tools, DBS Bank continues to stay ahead of customer needs and demands.

DBS Bank is harnessing technology to become the world’s best digital bank, to stay one step ahead in meeting its customers’ needs.

“As the world’s best digital bank, DBS’ aspiration is to be a tech company that happens to provide financial services,” said Jimmy Ng, Chief Information Officer, DBS. “That ambition requires significant investment in the latest technology solutions.”

Ng continued: “In the course of our journey, we have found that VMware provides us with two attractive value propositions. One is helping us to solve the challenge of managing large containers and Kubernetes at scale, with technologies like vSphere 7 with Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu Mission Control and the second is the ​modern application development expertise that we get with VMware Tanzu and Pivotal Labs. Both of those matter to us as we are constantly investing in our cloud infrastructure and rearchitecting our applications to be even more cloud-ready so that we can stay one step ahead of our customers.”

VMware’s latest expansions to its app modernization portfolio that DBS Bank has deployed include:

  • VMware Tanzu – Organizations can use the app modernization portfolio to automate the modern app lifecycle, run Kubernetes across clouds, and unify and optimize multi-cloud operations.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation 4 – This is a hybrid cloud infrastructure for modern apps which helps to bridge the gap between developers and IT.
  • VMware vSphere 7 – The biggest evolution of vSphere in a decade, vSphere 7 will support all applications including modern and traditional applications using any combination of virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes.

Key partners also welcome the additions that VMware has made to its portfolio.

“Today’s businesses need agile, scalable and secure digital platforms to empower and enable new, cloud-native applications,” said Eric Grall, senior executive vice president – chief operating officer at Atos. “In a world where containerization and Kubernetes are becoming increasingly important, VMware Tanzu helps accelerate these capabilities in order to compete and win.”

“At Cognizant, we work with clients to transform their existing systems into cloud-native apps and create a modern DevOps approach to gain a competitive advantage,” said Allen Shaheen, executive vice president, Cognizant Digital Engineering. “By harnessing the products and solutions VMware offers, we’re able to provide our clients with faster app releases that are scalable and enterprise-ready while enabling the reduction of infrastructure and operational costs.”

Said Deepak Patil, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud Platforms & Solutions, Dell Technologies: “As organizations look to solve for managing their private clouds seamlessly with multiple public clouds, we’re now able to extend our capabilities to both VMs and containers with a single hybrid cloud platform. This enables developers to rapidly innovate and embrace cloud native applications at the pace that makes the most sense for their organization. With our synchronous release strategy for VxRail, customers can run Kubernetes on Dell Technologies Cloud Platform with vSphere 7.0 within 30 days of VMware availability, enabling rapid access to the latest technologies for our customers.”

“We are delighted to introduce support for VMware Tanzu and VMware Cloud Foundation within the HCL Cloud Native Labs,” said Kalyan Kumar (KK), CVP and CTO – IT Services, HCL Technologies. “Enterprises pursuing a cloud native journey need access to container-based platforms that support modernization of existing applications and accelerate the creation of innovative new solutions. VMware Tanzu brings all of these capabilities together within an integrated platform that supports the entire journey. The hybrid cloud infrastructure that supports this is now easier to deliver with VMware Cloud Foundation 4 with vSphere 7 which offers built-in Kubernetes support for container-based workloads.”

“The world of modern apps holds a unique opportunity to unlock business innovation. We’re pleased to see the progress they have made with Tanzu. This underscores our efforts to deliver the best customer experience for Azure data services on VMware,” said Jason Zander, executive vice president, Microsoft Azure at Microsoft.

“The market is going through a generational shift in how applications are built, run, and managed,” said Vinay Kumar, vice president, product management, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “Working with VMware, Oracle will further empower developers and IT to build and deliver modern applications on high-performance and automated Oracle Gen 2 Cloud infrastructure, leveraging the VMware Tanzu portfolio and advancements in VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere to increase developer productivity.”

Juergen Mueller, SAP chief technology officer, said: “Kubernetes, cloud native architectures, and microservices define ways we build our next-generation environment and help enable our customers to consume SAP applications and services directly from us or from the major hyperscalers. Our vision includes relying on Kubernetes to run containerized applications across multiple clouds including hybrid cloud environments. We are collaborating with VMware to integrate our open source project ‘Gardener‘ with VMware’s flagship virtualization product. This will help enable mutual customers to run, manage, and scale their SAP applications on Kubernetes clusters on premise and in the native public cloud in a simplified, end-to-end automated and repeatable fashion.”