How a minimart chain in the region boosted customer experience and omnichannel outreach to retain customers online and offline.

The digital arm of Alfamart, a popular chain of minimart and community stores across Indonesia and the Philippines, has adopted a customer engagement platform to provide a “more intuitive connected retail experience” for customers.

With 15,000 stores and an e-commerce platform reaching out to customers across various cities, the firm wanted to elevate the customer experience by enabling customers to shop from anywhere, at any time.

However, with the growing active customer base, the legacy manual set-up of customer engagement processes was proving cumbersome and rudimentary. This caused gaps in analyzing Daily Active Users (DAUs) and Monthly Active Users (MAUs) counts, which eventually led to drop-offs and uninstalls of the mobile app.

However, after partnering with a customer engagement platform, the firm has:

  • Improved customer engagement and retention on the app. The platform enables customers to engage with the brand at every step of their purchase journey, resulting in a 29% improvement in installs to sign-ups
  • Boosted DAUs and MAUs by encouraging adoption and offering relevant, journey-based communication across multiple channels based on customer actions and journey stage. Overall, the firm observed a 2X jump in new installs with a 45% uplift in DAUs.
  • Improved app stickiness by offering relevant discounts using shopping insights and preferences, and through loyalty-related benefits such as reward points, stamps and vouchers. As a result, the team retained 75% of customers from D0 to D90.

According to Erick Alviyendra, Head of IT, Global Loyalty Alfagift: “To elevate our vision and provide relevant and personalized shopping experiences for customers—especially as e-commerce continues to take off rapidly—we have been able to retain more than 50% of customers on our app, which is of great significance for our brand. This only goes to show that what we’re doing is working, and we intend to build on this approach.”

Said Saurabh Madan, General Manager (SEA and ANZ), MoEngage, the customer engagement platform partner: “As the e-commerce industry continues to expand and flourish, it is critical for brands like Alfagift to stand out from the crowd through personalized, seamless customer experiences that are meaningful and relevant.”